Friday, April 3, 2020


    He is becoming more conservative as he ages and isn't sure if it is due to the wisdom that comes from life's hard-earned experience, or intolerance of what passes for humanity these days.

    Daily proverb

    Proverbs 12 8 A sensible person wins admiration, but a warped mind is despised.

    Daily proverb

    Proverbs 11 8 The godly are rescued from trouble, and it falls on the wicked instead.

    Daily proverb

    Proverbs 10 8 The wise are glad to be instructed, but babbling fools fall flat on their faces.

    Daily proverb

    Proverbs 9 8 So don’t bother correcting mockers; they will only hate you.

    Daily proverb

    Proverbs 8 8 My advice is wholesome. There is nothing devious or crooked in it

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