Saturday, July 4, 2020

    Dave Pellowe

    Dave Pellowe is a Christian conservative commentator and speaker, the founder of the annual Church And State Summit and blogs at

    Sweden Did Not Say Their Approach to COVID-19 Was Wrong

    Dave Lockdown apologists have been crowing about Swedes "admitting their approach was wrong on COVID-19". The only problem is,...

    You Suddenly Want to Protest Deaths in Custody? Good! but Can You Be Consistent?

    Dave George Floyd is dead, and that is an unmitigated tragedy all by itself before anything else happened. All four officers involved...

    Jackie Trad Blames Others for Her Career Woes

    Dave Jackie Trad is one of the most aggressive, personal politicians in the nation, not only behind the scenes and in the halls of...

    Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Admits COVID-19 Restrictions Are Arbitrary

    Dave David Limbrick MP yesterday asked an excellent science question of the Victorian Chief Health Officer appearing before the Public Accounts and...

    Movie Review: Planet of the Humans

    Dave The latest documentary by Michael Moore is free to watch in its entirety on YouTube. Ad revenue may be his best...

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