Monday, July 6, 2020


    Max is a retired NZ/Australian businessman, Company Director and CEO who is an ardent supporter and protector of Western Values. His incentive for continuing to research and write is based on curiosity and a search for meaning born through a desire to validate facts and share provocative debatable topics. To live is to question. I have never voted for nor support the NZ First Party. My voting tendency, though not fixed, is ACT Party and National electoral vote.

    This Election Is up to National to Lose.

    Due to our nation's fortunate isolation, our COVID-19 situation was a small demographically isolated ‘outbreak’ and not a pandemic or an epidemic.   Together my...

    The Benevolence of Our Government

    We know that Hillary Clinton did her college thesis on Saul Alinsky and Obama wrote about him in his books.  Alinsky tabled a...


    Most left-wing politicians, bureaucrats and academics don’t have ‘skin in the game’ as most of the ‘Left’ have never owned a business or understand how the...

    The Cult of Me

    ‘Pretend virtue’ is the Marxists' stock-in-trade. The left pretends to fight for women while encouraging them to accept men using their bathrooms and overrunning their sporting...

    The Media’s Disaster Addiction

    The White Island volcano did what any volcano might do naturally, but the fact people were on it having a tourist experience when it happened was...

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    Patriot It has been a long time since I have seen President Trump speak with such passion...

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