Monday, August 10, 2020


    As the pen name suggests, I’m on the Aspie spectrum, so see things perhaps a bit differently from the norm, whatever that is. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth; (if I were a horse I’d be off to the glue factory). I’m conservative by nature and politics, and I will be voting accordingly. To compound the crime, I’m also firmly Christian. I find beauty everywhere, but to me, a sailing ship in full sail is one of the most impressive of sights.

    A Dose of COVID

    InformationSatire A sharp rap on the PM’s door triggered your intrepid eyewitness’s Spyfly device, and as programmed, it immediately burst into silent...

    A Change of Plan

    InformationSatire Your intrepid eyewitness was abuzz with anticipation, having heard a rumour from his usual source in Parliament that Auntie Hellish Quark had...

    Uncle George Is Pleased

    InformationSatire The scene was a late-night meeting of the large faction of the Notional Party known as Kiwiswamp. The fairly small room...

    Justinda Gets Her Orders

    InformationSatire Your intrepid eyewitness, having being locked up unnecessarily for far too long, was delighted to hear that her Imperial Comradeship, Justinda Ardeau,...

    The Deserter by Nelson DeMille

    Title: The DeserterAuthor: Nelson DeMille & Alex DeMillePublisher: Simon & SchusterISBN:  9781501101762 (mass market) | ISBN 9781501101779 (ebook)First Published: October 2019 I’ve just...

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