MP Darleen Tana has firmly rejected a report on allegations of her involvement in her husband’s business, claiming it significantly misrepresents her role.

In a statement Tana expressed dissatisfaction with the investigation process led by lawyer Rachel Burt, stating that natural justice was not followed and that preconceived notions influenced the report’s conclusions.

Despite resigning from the Green Party, Tana has not resigned from Parliament, prompting the Green Party to demand her complete resignation.

The controversy stems from allegations of migrant exploitation at her husband’s bicycle company, with Tana implicated in facilitating visa breaches and unpaid wages.

Although the investigation by Burt did not conclusively find evidence of exploitation or Tana’s direct involvement, the Green Party remains adamant that Tana’s actions are unacceptable. Despite Tana receiving the report and having an opportunity to respond, the Green Party is pushing for her resignation from Parliament, though they are unlikely to invoke the ‘party hopping’ legislation due to ‘ideological opposition.’

Tana remains suspended on full pay as the party considers further actions and awaits the privacy clearance to release the full report.

Full statement of Darlene Tana:

I can confirm that I received a copy of the Final Report on Saturday morning and attended a caucus meeting that day where it was discussed. I do not feel natural justice has been followed during this process, and at Saturday’s hui it seemed clear that a pre-determined view had been formed prior to hearing from me. I can confirm, as indicated during today’s conference with the Green Party leadership, that I have subsequently resigned as a member of the Green Party.

I want to make it clear that I do not accept the findings of the report and believe that it substantially misrepresents the level of my involvement in my husband’s business. This was an investigation into what I knew and should have disclosed to my party leadership. I am therefore deeply concerned by the party’s summary of findings. The report does not say that migrant exploitation has occurred let alone that I am responsible for it in any capacity.

I have only had a short time to consider this report, and am taking some time to consider it before making any further comment.

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