Yet again, it must be asked, just who do Fatima Payman and Mehreen Faruqi represent? The people of WA and NSW, or Gaza and Hamas?

Payman, the “accidental senator” elected by a micro-vote on a Labor Party ticket, has thrown the Albanese government into turmoil by defecting over the sole issue of Palestine. Yet, she has the cheek to accuse Labor of neglecting voters.

The Labor Party has neglected the voters which helped them into office at the 2022 election, freshly independent Senator Fatima Payman has claimed.

Which begs the question of just who does she think voted for her? The people of WA or the people of Gaza? Because we now see whose interests she is putting first.

Having quit Labor last week over her support of Palestinian statehood, Senator Payman told the ABC on Monday that her constituents had voiced concerns with the path the Albanese government had taken since coming to power.

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Yet, she hasn’t once mentioned any of that before embarking on her self-serving grandstanding. Instead, her sole obsession has been with a bunch of terror-supporting Muslims on the other side of the world.

At the same time, fellow Muslim senator, the Greens’ Mehreen Faruqi, whose party has refused to condemn terrorist group Hamas, is dodging questions over the terror group’s future.

Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi has refused to say whether she believes Hamas should be dismantled and declared it was up to Palestinians to decide whether the terror organisation should be its government if it was recognised as a sovereign state.

Senator Faruqi also played down the defacing of the Aus­tralian War Memorial with pro-Palestinian graffiti as nothing more than “some paint on a building”.

The hypocrisy from Faruqi is stunning.

“The Palestinians need to decide where they want to go with their own region – not intervention from Western countries,” she told ABC’s Insiders.

Yet Faruqi and her fellow Greens are demanding the Australian government intervene by “recognising” a “Palestinian state”. That is, a state run by the terrorist group responsible for October 7.

Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Simon Birmingham said the comments represented “another low” by the Greens, who he said were defending the role of terrorists and vandals.

“By not accepting that Hamas terrorists, who advocate the destruction of Israel, should have no role in future governance of Gaza, you have to wonder what Senator Faruqi’s vision is for Israel,” he said. “A Hamas-led government would rival Iran’s theocracy for suppressing all rights that we take for granted and the Greens should hold dear. That the Greens continue to defend vandalism of war ­memorials should be reason enough for Anthony Albanese to end.

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Meanwhile, the pro-Hamas mob are further pushing Australia into the abyss of sectarian politics.

Newly independent Senator Fatima Payman has labelled backgrounding by her former colleagues as “bizarre”, after she confided in them that she was taking guidance from God over her decision to quit the Labor Party.

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Australians might rather say it was bizarre that Allah is directing Australian politics.

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