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Kamala Harris’s affair with Willie Brown, 31 years her senior, helped launch her career in the 1990s. He gave her two appointments, and you could argue that she slept her way into those spots. Joe Biden has groped his way with power for the last 50 years in Washington, not to mention that whole showering with his daughter revelation. Now, Biden and Harris are figureheads of the leftist sex cult. Go figure.

Why start there? Because these two very fine people are touted as somehow being morally superior to Donald Trump. And because Harris, whom Biden chose solely for the qualifications of being black and an actual female, is being positioned as Biden’s heir if and when he steps aside. Or when Democrats push his walker over the cliff — significant roadblocks though there may be.

It may be easier to invoke the 25th Amendment than to convince him to abandon the nomination. Not only that, but it would give Harris a major leg up.

In any case, the people who put money on such things are picking Harris as the likeliest nominee. After all, everyone wants to know what the gamblers think.

We’re no strangers to analyzing the Kamala problem or to noticing Democrats’ protest-too-much insistence that she’s “ready” for whatever comes. But you have to think that Harris’s manifest unreadiness was a primary factor in Biden’s decision to run again.

Her phony persona is exemplified by her uncontrollable cackling and repetitive, mindless word-salad bromides. Combined with whispers from staffers of her bad temperament, that all inspires the opposite of confidence. Yet the veep has been a dutiful admirer of the emperor’s new clothes, vigorously and repeatedly defending Biden each time his glaringly obvious cognitive decline shows him incapable of keeping the job, much less running for another four years of it.

On the other hand, the entire nation has spent the week following his debate implosion gasping at the cruelty of Jill Biden and others propping up a barely sentient Joe Biden. Even normally goose-stepping Democrats and Leftmedia propagandists are breaking ranks, perhaps with permission from Team Biden as a way to grease the skids for a coming announcement that he won’t be the nominee.

The immediate post-debate panic hasn’t subsided. The Associated Press ran this hilarious headline on July 3: “Biden at 81: Often sharp and focused but sometimes confused and forgetful.” Yesterday, the New York Times reported, “Biden Tells Governors He Needs More Sleep and Less Work at Night.” That’s after its editorial board led the way last Friday in calling for him to step aside. And the Washington Post’s version today is this: “Biden’s aging is seen as accelerating, lapses described as more common.”

As they used to say about Donald Trump, “the walls are closing in.”

So, what about Kamala Harris?

Democrats may be working to dump Biden, but they almost certainly cannot ditch Harris. For a party built on identity politics, the spectacle of ousting a black woman (read: a Bay Area progressive of Jamaican-Indian descent who grew up in Canada and whose ancestors were slaveowners) in favor of a slicked-back white guy like Gavin Newsom or the proverbial white-lady “Karen” like Gretchen Whitmer has its pitfalls. Especially when black men are already increasingly supporting Trump.

So, here we are, with a slew of articles and polls evaluating Kamala. “For the first time in years, Harris seems to be having a genuine moment,” Politico reported Wednesday in a typical example. The chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus declared, “I would be angry if you try to leapfrog over a vice president.” Other similar statements show a bit of Democrat coalescence – or is that resignation?

To that point, there are hiccups. Biden reportedly warned – not promised – donors that their money would go to Harris if he dropped out. And though it’s hard to gauge at this point, polling on a Trump-Harris matchup has been all over the place. A recent CNN poll had her trailing Trump by 2, while a new survey has her trailing him by 11.

Moreover, Democrats have a problem called Jill Biden. The trappings of the presidency will be taken from her cold, dead fingers. “Joe isn’t just the right person for the job,” she hollered after the debate. “He’s the only person for the job.” What a knife in the back of Kamala Harris.

Finally, just a few days ago, Harris reiterated one of her favorite deep thoughts: “We know what can happen and what is possible when we collectively have the ability to see what can be unburdened by what has been.” Joe Biden is a has-been, and she’d like to be unburdened by him. So would virtually every other Democrat, whether they admit it or not.

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