When my kids were little they used to watch Ed, Edd and Eddy, in which there is a line “What’s that? I think it’s the sound of no one caring.” Which perfectly sums up the latest episode of Golriz Ghahraman crying a river of tears over her mental health issues.

The legacy media continue to help her with her rehabilitation PR when if it had been a centre-right politician they’d have hounded them and their family to the point of suicide. Look what they did to me and Jason Ede, and we never broke any laws or stole anything.

Their soft soaping of a brazen convicted criminal is always dressed up as a poor Golriz: she apparently has mental health issues but these are demeaning to anyone who suffers real mental health issues. I’ve battled depression for decades, yet I never stole anything. Many thousands of people suffer from mental health issues and never commit crimes.

This is just shameless pandering to left-wing darlings by the equally left-wing media and it needs to stop.

I’m not going to quote any of her excuse making and re-writing of history. It doesn’t deserve any coverage, other than with howls of derision.

Golriz Ghahraman deserves the Ed, Edd, and Eddy treatment…and then we can all enjoy the sound of no one caring.

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