After years of the left seeing ‘Nazi symbolism’ in even the most ludicrous places, a former Nazi symbol adopted by a modern terrorist group was flown from the roof of the Australian parliament. And the increasingly openly anti-Semitic left couldn’t have been more chuffed.

A group of ‘pro-Palestinian’ supporters somehow avoided stringent parliamentary security, including a 2.5m fence, in the gravest security breach since a left-wing union riot stormed the building in 1996. The protesters bellowed the genocidal Hamas slogan, and unfurled pro-Hamas banners that included the infamous inverted red triangle.

The symbol has been used by Hamas to designate locations where Jews have been selected as targets by death squads and terrorists. It is believed to be derived from an identical symbol used by the Nazis, with whom Palestinians allied in WWII, to designate political prisoners in death camps. The symbol was banned by Facebook, supposedly with no exceptions.

A pro-Palestine protest that saw four people breach Parliament House security and unfurl black banners from the building’s roof was “designed to inflict fear and instil chaos in Australia’s society,” Peter Dutton says.

The Opposition Leader and opposition foreign affairs spokesman Simon Birmingham wrote to Anthony Albanese, Foreign Minister Penny Wong and the presiding officers of Parliament House immediately after the stunt, asking them to take “immediate and decisive action” to hold the protesters to account […]

“The world has witnessed the disgraceful scenes of protestors gluing themselves to the marble foyer and pro-Palestinian protesters displaying large inflammatory and violent banners outside the front of the Australian Parliament House.”

The Australian

And the world is taking notice. Just as it did when a mob of Sydney Muslims and Greens politicians stormed a memorial at the Opera House, chanting “Gas the Jews!” in the aftermath of October 7.

Unlike the Australian media and politicians, not everyone is pandering to the self-serving ‘pro-Palestine’ bullshit. They’re calling it what it is: pro-Hamas.

Members of the public were cleared from Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra and some areas of the building were locked down Thursday morning after terrorist supporters climbed up to the roof and unfurled banners supporting Hamas […]

The demonstrators were wearing keffiyahs and most were masked, dressed up as fake Arab terrorists. They read out a statement calling for an end to “US and Australian support for the genocidal state of Israel.”

The first question springing to many minds is just how it was allowed to go ahead.

Member of Parliament Barnaby Joyce told Sky News Australia there were “serious questions” to be answered about how the protesters gained access to the building.
“We should have an inquiry,” he said. “This was planned. How did they plan it?”

It’s a good question. The protest took place just seven years after a $120 million security upgrade to the building.

Senator James Paterson, home affairs spokesperson for the government coalition, agreed. Paterson noted that if someone can gain access to the roof of a building fortified to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, “then their access to the building is much easier than it otherwise would be … and the security mechanisms in this building have failed to prevent it,” he said.

“These are protesters; they don’t appear to have any violent intent. But if protesters can do this, then someone with violent intent could also do this,” Paterson also pointed out.

The pro-Hamas demonstration is just the latest escalation of the kristallnacht-by-degrees wave of anti-Semitism engulfing Australia.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported that according to the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, as of December 15, 2023, there was a 738 percent increase in antisemitic incidents since the October 7 Hamas massacre of more than 1,200 people in southern Israel and abduction of 250 others.

According to the 2023 Antisemitism Worldwide Report published by Tel Aviv University and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Australia recorded 622 antisemitic incidents in October and November 2023, in comparison to 79 during the same period in 2022.

Jewish Press

And still Anthony Albanese can’t bring himself to condemn anti-Semitism without adding the nonsensical caveat, “…and Islamophobia”.

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