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praxis (noun):

1: action, practice: such as
a: exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill
b: customary practice or conduct
2: practical application of a theory

Source : Merriam -Webster

Etymology : Both praxis and practice come ultimately from the Greek verb prassein (“to do” or “to practice”), and both can refer to a habit or custom—that is, a usual way of doing something or of conducting oneself. Praxis, however, is more at home in formal, and often academic, writing; a sentence like “it is my praxis to eat breakfast cereal every morning” might make sense, but it’s not idiomatic. Praxis also has two meanings that are more specific; it can refer to the practice of an art, science, or skill, and it can also refer to the practical application of a theory, as in “democratic praxis” or “revolutionary praxis.”

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