Social media, as Mike Tyson famously said, “made y’all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it”. Occasionally, though, someone learns the hard way that online disrespect can lead to offline consequences.

When Spanish comedian Jaime Caravaca responded to a tweet from a proud dad posing with his baby, with a bizarrely inappropriate “joke”, he no doubt thought he was going to plenty of internet cred. What he got, though, was a meeting with a dad cut from the same cloth as the celebrated Gary Plauche.

It all started when the aptly named Alberto Pugilato posted an innocuous photo of his infant son.

A few days before the incident, he posted a picture of himself with his baby boy on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption, “Joy and pride.”

Which, for some reason, sent the comedian’s mind to a pretty sleazy place.

Jaime Caravaca commented under his post writing:

“No one will be able to avoid the possibility of [your son] being gay and that when he is older, he will become sick of sucking black c**k.”

Pugilato fired back at Caravaca, replying, “I assure you that you are going to apologize for what you said about my three-month-old son and you will discover that real life is not Twitter.”

Caravaca deleted his comment, but real life caught up with him a few days later.

Spanish stand-up comedian Jaime Caravaca was punched on stage by an angry parent in the middle of his show in Alicante, Spain, on June 3, 2024. The video of the incident has now gone viral […]

Monday’s violent incident at the Alicante show was seemingly an in-person response to the comedian’s remarks.

There’s no “seemingly” about it. Pugilato told everyone in the audience exactly why he was dealing out some rough dad-justice.

“Those p*edophilic comments about my son… Say them to my face… You piece of trash… Now… !

“What were you saying, huh? That my son was going to eat c**k? He is three months old. Trash. Now what? Say it to my face… Say it to my face now.”

Pugilato apologised to the audience for the disturbance, explaining that:

“I am just a father who is defending his child. He has made s*xualizing comments about my three-month-old son… That has consequences.”

Alberto allegedly called the comedian a “clown,” hit him on the face and exited the stage.

Caravaca at least had the decency not to press charges. He also published an apology the following day.

“After what happened, what was intended to be a joke was ultimately an unfortunate and not-at-all appropriate comment on my part. My apologies to anyone who feels affected. Let’s put violence aside, and leave a good world for people to grow free.”

Alberto Pugilato accepted the apology and wrote that he defends “freedom of expression” in the same way he defends “the right to respond,” and assured that he did not mean any “harm” to the comedian. He also explained that the incident helped people understand that “children are sacred,” and wished “the best” for Caravaca.

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The incident was captured in full, in glorious video.

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