We could be forgiven for thinking that the reason the lefty elites think Western society is so irredeemably awful is that they judge the rest of us by the dire standard of their own toxic bubble. After all, “male feminist” has become a byword for abusers and creeps. The Greens seem to be a cavalcade of abusers, thugs, thieves, drug addicts, even rapists and necrophilia and bestiality enthusiasts.

So, when ABC senior journalist and board member Lara Tingle went on an unhinged rant about Australia last week, it’s probably because she mistakenly thinks the rest of Australia is like the ABC.

Almost 100 ABC staff have been sexually harassed at work and a further 186 employees claim to have been bullied, according to a confidential survey of the public broadcaster’s news division, with the shocking results plunging the organisation into a fresh crisis.

We already know – because its own employees tell us – that the ABC apparently has a massive racism problem. No wonder Tingle just assumes that everyone else is as racist as her colleagues.

But that’s apparently just the beginning of the ABC’s dark underbelly.

The internal poll, which was conducted by the Australian National University’s Social Research Centre, was carried out in the second half of 2023 and invited anonymous feedback from newsroom staff.

In all, 745 news employees completed the survey, with females making up two-thirds of respondents.

Thirteen per cent of respondents – that is, 97 staff – claimed they had experienced sexual harassment while working in the “ABC news division, at work or in locations associated with work.”

Twenty-five per cent of respondents, which equates to 186 staff, said they had personally experienced bullying at the ABC, “with the most commonly identified behaviours being intimidation and belittling and humiliating comments”, according to the report’s findings.

Remember, these are the people finger-wagging the rest of us for being ‘deplorables’.

The ABC’s news director Justin Stevens […] was also keen to emphasise the poll’s positive feedback.

“Most survey respondents said they have positive working relationships at the ABC (92 per cent); enjoy working here (79 per cent); have made good friendships (86 per cent); and are loyal to the ABC brand (81 per cent),” Mr Stevens said.

They’re the ones who just love bullying and groping the others.

Mr Anderson added that the findings of the internal “racism review” at the ABC, which was commissioned more than a year ago, will be made public “in coming months”, with more than 100 current and former staff having been interviewed to date.

The findings of the ABC’s harassment and bullying survey come just a week after media company Nine Entertainment was also forced to address widespread reports of misconduct within its own organisation […]

That probe followed harassment allegations levelled against Nine’s former long-serving news boss Darren Wick, first revealed by The Australian on May 21.

More than a dozen women have since come forward to The Australian, on the condition of anonymity, to claim mistreatment by Wick and other male executives at Nine, dating back several years.

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Ain’t the mainstream media just the nicest people?

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