At this stage, Donald Trump is like an SF monster: the more his enemies attack him, the stronger he grows. Every dodgy court case sees Trump’s poll numbers grow. The Bad Orange Man is even drawing crowds in deepest blue Bronx.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden keeps going from bad to worse.

For almost the entirety of the 2024 campaign, Biden has trailed Donald Trump in national polling. Not only is Biden losing to Trump, but the Democratic Party’s coalition of voters is splintering, the polls show, as Trump and Republicans make inroads with black voters, Hispanic voters, and younger voters.

Biden’s consistently bad polling is setting off alarm bells for Democrats — and a “full-blown freakout,” according to Politico.

Biden’s only selling point in 2020 was “not Donald Trump”. After four years of non-stop screeching of “Orange Man Bad!”, that sounded like enough to convince them. It’s nowhere near enough, though, in 2024.

The big problem for Democrats is that there’s nothing else they’ve got to sell.

In fact, one prominent adviser to Democratic donors shared with Politico the list he gives donors with the reasons why Biden could lose re-election, which includes “nearly two dozen” reasons, Politico reported, including Biden’s age, the economy, inflation, the border crisis and immigration, and Vice President Kamala Harris‘ deep unpopularity.

“The list of why we ‘could’ win is so small I don’t even need to keep the list on my phone,” the adviser said.

The old saw of “are you better off than you were four years ago?” is hitting home with a vengeance.

Americans remember their lives were better when Trump was president.

“If the frame of this race is, ‘What was better, the 3.5 years under Biden or four years under Trump,’ we lose that every day of the week and twice on Sunday,” Democratic strategist Pete Giangreco told Politico.

Yet, Democrats still haven’t twigged that no one takes their “we must save democracy” bullshit seriously.

While the Biden campaign ignores polls and the obvious uphill battle the campaign faces, Democrats, according to Politico, are experiencing “a pervasive sense of fear” in which “anxiety has morphed into palpable trepidation.”

“This isn’t, ‘Oh my God, Mitt Romney might become president.’ It’s ‘Oh my God, the democracy might end,'” one Democratic operative said.

In fact, with the media and Deep State openly bragging that they colluded to defeat Trump in 2020, and with a never-ending series of obvious show trials, Americans are justified in concluding that democracy already has ended — and Trump is their only chance to seize it back.

Trump’s Bronx rally was just the tip of a devastating trend of change in the Democratic stronghold. Mitt Romney barely scraped 5% of the vote in six of the Bronx’s 10 state house seats. Trump scored double-digits in all but one. Trump increased his vote in the district by nearly 30,000 votes from 2020 to 2024. By contrast, Biden couldn’t scrape even 2,000 more votes in 2024 than Clinton did in 2020.

In mayoral and gubernatorial elections in recent years, Republican candidates have fared even better.

Polls even show that Biden’s lead in New York is shrinking despite winning the state by more than 20 points in the 2020 election.

“New York Democrats need to wake up. The number of people in New York, including people of color that I come across who are saying positive things about Trump, is alarming,” Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine told Politico.

If you asked James Carville why Democrats stand to lose this election, he would say that his party is focused on the wrong issues.

The Blaze

The contrast couldn’t have been more glaring between Trump’s Bronx rally, and typical Democrat campaigns. The latter can generously be described as pandering: Biden telling black voters “they ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him, Michael Bloomberg gibbering in mangled Spanish, Hillary Clinton babbling in embarrassing “ethnic” accents.

Trump, on the other hand, spoke to Bronx voters as Americans. Patriotic Americans part of the quintessential American experience:

By the muscle and backbone and genius of the people of New York, we built the city into the towering forest of iron, aluminum, concrete and steel. We made the city and state into the capital of global commerce. We turned our hometown into the bustling centre of a confident, glamorous American culture and we inspired the entire world. We inspired the world.

It was hardworking patriots like you who built this city, and it is hardworking patriots—and this is something, you can say it and you can say it a million times and you can emblazon it—it’s hardworking patriots like you who are going to save our country.

It didn’t matter if they were first generation Americans, the descendants of Ellis Island immigrants, or Mayflower descendants, Trump painted them in the image of the working-class coalition that created New York City.

The American Conservative

What are the Democrats focussed on? “Palestine” and student loans.

“We keep wondering why these young people aren’t coming home to the Democrats: Why are blacks not coming home to the Democrats? Because Democratic messaging is full of s***, that’s why,” Carville said over the weekend […]

Rep. Richie Torres (D-N.Y.) couldn’t agree more.

“The greatest political challenge confronting the president starts with an ‘I,’ but it’s not Israel — it’s inflation,” Torres admitted to Politico.

The Blaze

Even immigration is becoming a deadly issue for the Democrats in New York. Open borders were all well and good for “progressive” New Yorkers when the illegals were safely at the other end of the country. Then Republican governors in border states started shipping busloads of them to New York.

Now illegal immigration is a problem.

Of course, this election is still Trump’s to lose. Hubris, as he found in 2020, will be your downfall. Unless the Republicans start learning from the Democrats how to mobilise the vote, even a mush-brained crook like Biden can still win.

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