Rod Kane

As many of you may well know I detest the media almost as much as I detest people like Willie Jackson and indeed every single Maori activist and the dumb white wokeys that support them.

The night back in 2020 when Jacinda Ardern got in I immediately cancelled my Herald subscription. The Herald is normally $4 something on a weekday and $5.20 on a Saturday – if you went down to the shop and bought it.

But I was on an extremely good intro rate of $8.50 a week back then, which was indeed a steal, but at least I now didn’t have to read the constant sugary tripe from the insufferable wrinkly left wingers like Dempster and Kaire.

Then last Friday night at 8 pm I got a phone call from the vile rag asking me to resubscribe; naturally I declined in the nicest possible way, with eggs on top.

But then she offered me the evil thing six days a week, including Saturday, delivered to my far away rural property, plus their online Herald premium, for a minimum of 12 months and no contract, and all for… waaaaait for it…Yes, $6.20 a WEEK!

Now then, the temptation to explode and feel good went right the way up, when suddenly I held back and thought… hang on…

There is no way, in my humble opinion, that these treacherous idiots could produce something syphilitic like that, print it and deliver it to the back of nowhere for $8.20 a week. They would have to go bust, surely?

So I said yes, I’ll have half a dozen in fact! Well, not quite.

But here is the conundrum.

Am I now a dark warrior for helping to take these cretins down to the basement floors along with the janitor and trash compactor to complete financial ruin?

Or am I a coward: a sickly, yellow-spined flower girl, and have I joined the ranks of the puke-ish Dempster and Kaire, who I now have to put up with all over again?

Maybe there are some out there from the printing trade that can advise me if indeed they must be desperate to do this and can they actually make money out of this?

If not, I’m putting my hero’s cape and underpants on. Well, maybe not the cape.

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