As Thomas Sowell has noted, one of the most destablising forces a society can ever endure is the emergence of a large class of university-educated “intellectuals” solely based in the Humanities.

This is not to say, of course, that the Humanities are inherently to blame. After all, Sowell himself is a Humanities intellectual.

The problem is when Humanities graduates come to dominate the universities and the marketplace. Because the inherent problem is that there is inevitable limit on the number of jobs for graduates with degrees in, say, political science, let alone “women’s studies” or “gender studies”. Yet, these are a class who’ve been sold the idea that, not only is their degree a guarantee of a comfortable future, but also a testament to their own superiority.

So, when gender studies graduates not only can’t get a job, but see tradespeople out-earning them, they quickly get resentful. Rather than admit that they bought a dog, they lash out and blame society itself for their own failure. Unshakably convinced of their own moral and intellectual superiority, they seek comfort in some grand cause.

As I’ve watched the chaos, nonsense and embarrassment of these anti-Semitic campus protests spread with all the charm of a stubborn toenail fungus across Australian universities, I can’t help but wonder: what area of study are these fools enrolled in? Add to that, who is paying for all of this?

It has become clear there are plenty of loser hangers-on involved in it all but, equally, plenty of students looking for their moment in the sun. Searching for god knows what. I’d be curious to know what their core areas of study are, but I’m willing to bet you won’t find many medicine, engineering or physics majors in the fray. They’re too busy learning how to keep humans alive, cure sickness and disease, build critical infrastructure based on complex physics and mathematical principles, and generally make the world a better place.

Bear in mind that the above was written by an Arts graduate. I’m an Arts graduate, too. So, we know of what we speak when we say that a great many Arts graduates are useless parasites. In fact, we have every cause to be righteously angry that these cretinous children are so thoroughly devaluing the degrees that some of us worked hard to earn.

You can dress up this self-indulgent twaddle in any kind of lipstick you like, but it’s still a mud-covered swine soiling itself in front of the rest of the country, which can spot a bigot when we see one. These protesters are not courageous, because there’s no cost. Most are so gutless they mask their faces. They are neither intelligent nor principled.

In the 1930s, the German republic learned the hard way just how violently destabilising a large pool of parasitic university students can be. Nazi ideology caught on at German campuses far earlier, and far more violently, than many other segments of German society. Far from the popular image of Neanderthal, working-class thugs, a great many Brownshirts were university students.

Nowadays, they’ve swapped the brown shirts for keffiyehs.

The only thing Intifada Tent Land shows is how we have failed a generation by rewarding petulance; removing consequences; allowing them to grow up thinking this is courage, and they are making a difference and that they are special. None of these things is true. Apart from the despicable failure to keep Jewish students safe on campus, the failure to stop the rot before it took hold, the greatest failure is to a cohort of young people who, when mugged by reality, inevitably will look for someone to blame.

I have a simple question for university leadership, chancellors and vice-chancellors. Are you proud? Do you look at this absolute debacle that’s taking place under your watch and feel any sense of pride? This is a genuine question, not rhetorical.

The Australian

Given what we know about the Long March through the Institutions, they may well be.

After all, Mao couldn’t have been more pleased with the bloody tide unleashed by his pet thugs on campus, the Red Guards. No doubt those who’ve dedicated the last 60 years and more of their lives to overthrowing Western civilisation are just as gratified by their own marching morons.

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