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If we have many people here who do not accept the basic values of the American experiment, then diversity is not a strength at all.

I saw this disturbing photo yesterday. It looks like a typical anti-Israel protest in Tehran or Damascus.

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But when I checked the caption to find out in which Islamic hellhole this picture was taken, I was surprised to learn that it was Chicago.

Further west, the sanctuary city of Denver has welcomed illegal aliens and provided them with food and rental assistance for six months. Not surprisingly, many illegal aliens are heading to Denver.

Giving handouts to illegal aliens is a bad idea. It’s just a magnet for more illegal immigration. But at least you’d think they would have some sense of gratitude.

Apparently not. It seems they already have an over-the-top sense of entitlement.

The illegal aliens in one encampment just presented the city of Denver with a list of 13 demands.

Among their demands are meals that reflect their cultural heritage, no police on their territory (actually, it’s our territory), and unlimited showers. That’s the absurd level of their demands.

I bring up these stories because they expose one of the left’s favourite lies — that diversity is our strength.

America is a very diverse nation. We have people of many faiths from all over the world.  And we are happy to welcome legal immigrants who respect our laws.

But if we have many people here who do not accept the basic values of the American experiment, then diversity is not a strength at all. Diversity will be our downfall.

Whether it’s radical Muslims demonstrating in Chicago or illegal aliens thinking you, the taxpayer, owe them something and they can demand it, this country is in trouble. And it will remain in trouble until we return to our senses, kick Joe Biden out of office, and end the left’s open borders insanity.

Biden’s Economic Insanity

Joe Biden did something really unusual this week. He sat down for an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett. You’d think a politician like Biden, who just loves to talk, would be eager to give interviews. But no. He’s given the fewest interviews of any president in decades.

Unfortunately, Biden continued to lie with an alacrity and certainty that would make the father of all lies proud. He sat there and told Burnett, “[N]o president’s had the run we’ve had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9% when I came into office, 9%.”

He’s only off by 800%. When Donald Trump passed off the economic baton to Joe Biden, the inflation rate was 1.4%.

But Biden repeats this lie all the time. And you will hear it a lot more in the days ahead. Either his staff doesn’t correct him or it’s part of the “big lie strategy,” where if you repeat something often enough, people start to believe it. And the bigger the lie, the more likely they are to believe it.

Inflation did hit 9%, but not until 18 months into Joe Biden’s presidency. How on earth can he claim it was 9% before he took office? Then again, he couldn’t remember when he was vice president or when his son died.

Predictably, Burnett let Biden get away with it. She never pushed back or fact checked the serial liar, as he was gaslighting her. It’s even worse because Burnett knows better. Her educational and professional background is in economics and finance!

And when Burnett did raise the subject of inflation as a real problem for people, Biden said, “But the fact is that, if you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend.”

I hope the Republican National Committee was watching this interview. Just run that clip over video of struggling Americans who cannot afford food, cannot afford housing, cannot afford gas, and cannot afford car insurance.

This guy is so out-of-touch that he thinks everything is just fine!

Biden Betrays Israel

Joe Biden’s economic ignorance was bad enough. But when the discussion turned to Israel, things quickly went from bad to worse. Biden bragged that he cut off Israel’s supply of large bombs and artillery shells, just as it gets to the most important point in its war to destroy Hamas.

Biden was so proud of himself. He wanted the left to know that the radical campus protesters had won. “We’re not going to supply the weapons and the artillery shells,” he said.

And he said this just hours after he spoke at the Holocaust Museum’s Remembrance Day event. Fox News reports that the decision to cut off Israel’s weapons supply was made last week, and the Biden White House scrambled to keep it secret until after his speech at the Holocaust Remembrance Day event.

But he just condemned Israel to suffering even more October 7th attacks. Hamas has made it clear that they intend to launch more devastating attacks until Israel is destroyed. Biden is helping Hamas!

By demanding that there be no urban warfare in Gaza, Biden just guaranteed that every enemy of Israel and the United States will hide in urban areas behind masses of civilian human shields.

Biden just announced to the world, “I don’t have the courage to deal with enemies when they take entire cities hostage.”

This is why Biden was so adamant about telling Senate Democrats to block the separate Israel aid bill that House Republicans passed.

He wanted Israel in the package with Ukraine because he believed that the only way he could get more money for Ukraine was to hold Israel’s aid hostage. If a separate Israel aid bill passed Congress and was on his desk, there is no way he would be able to do what he just did by cutting off Israel.

He even threatened to veto the separate Israel aid bill if it passed. That should have told us everything we needed to know.

Biden’s commitment is not to our decades-old ally. It is not Israel’s right to defend itself. His commitment is to the war in Ukraine — just enough to keep it going but not enough to win it. It’s Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.

I know a lot of people want to keep pouring money into Ukraine. “Think of the message it sends to Russia and China if we abandon Ukraine,” they say.

Well, we are abandoning our closest ally when it is fighting Islamic terrorists. What message do you think Biden just sent to Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad?

Sources in Israel tell us that Biden’s weapons embargo against Israel is much more than just bombs and artillery shells, but virtually everything the Israel Defense Forces need.

The United States, at Joe Biden’s direction, is saving Hamas. Ponder that.

I never thought I would say this, but I agree with Ilhan Omar. Wednesday night, she declared, “This is what young people across the country were protesting for, and, finally, the needle has moved in a significant way.”

She’s right. The pro-Hamas protesters have won. They scared Biden into abandoning Israel.

Every Republican needs to be at a microphone now! Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is demanding the House launch impeachment proceedings. I agree. Keep this issue front and centre. Force every Democrat on the record.

Sooner rather than later, Israel is going to need resupplying, and their resupplier is sitting in a New York courtroom because the same president who just cut the bond between America and Israel is trying to throw him in jail.

Netanyahu Responds

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defiantly responded yesterday to Biden’s outrageous betrayal by posting a brief clip from his remarks earlier this week during Israel’s Holocaust remembrance event. He said:

“I say to the leaders of the world: no amount of pressure, no decision from any international forum will stop Israel from defending itself… If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone.”

Double Standards

Democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump, claiming he threatened to withhold weapons from Ukraine because he wanted them to help him out politically.

That’s exactly what Joe Biden is doing by withholding weapons from Israel. He’s withholding the weapons to aid his election in November.

Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom

In this week’s episode of the Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I offer a much-needed fact check to the Washington Post’s hit job on the National Day of Prayer.

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