The BFD is seeking motivated, concise, reliable, and professionally-minded writers.

Ideally, we prefer articles of 400-600 words in length. If you feel that the subject requires a longer post please keep it under 1000 words, (ideally under 800).

Local news stories are as welcome as anything to do with sport or history. If you are based overseas we would welcome news and political opinion from your country. Currently, we have writers based in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and the UK. If you live in America, China, or another country we would love to hear from you.

If you have a speciality that you want to share with our audience then we are willing to give it a try. There is no limit to the types of articles we can publish or the range of topics.

We invite writers to submit articles to us as guest writers. If you decide that you are enjoying regularly contributing and we are happy with the quality of your content we will then create an author biography for you.

After you have been contributing every week for 12 months your author biography will be added to our Author drop-down list which will mean that you have become an official BFD writer.

The BFD is already New Zealand’s largest New Media website as well as a community platform through MyBFD.

If you have a strong desire to be involved in growing an already very popular New Media site, contact us now. There is no obligation, just an opportunity to “give it a go.” We are looking for writers who can write interesting and concise content that will engage, inform and entertain our readers. A sense of humour is very welcome.

Please email us your first contribution this week. I look forward to reading it.

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