Let’s not beat about the bush, here: ‘anti-Zionist’ is the most bullshit gambit since the old ‘I’m not racist, but…’ Just as you know the ‘but…’ is the opening for the most racist tripe imaginable, ‘anti-Zionist’ is just the mandatory rhetorical fig-leaf Jew-haters have had to deploy since 1945. Because, as Orwell observed, “among educated people, antisemitism is held to be an unforgivable sin and in a quite different category from other kinds of racial prejudice. People will go to remarkable lengths to demonstrate that they are not antisemitic.”

Orwell himself wrestled with his own prejudices toward Jews. It was, he admitted, utterly irrational. The really remarkable thing, of course, is that he even acknowledged his own irrational prejudice; most irrational antisemites would rather die, especially if they’re on the left, which is why they go to such increasingly threadbare circumlocutions as “anti-Zionist” to try and hide it.

It being such an irrational hatred, there is therefore no reason why even Jewish people should be immune. Marx, a Jew descended from a long line of rabbis, was scathing of Jews, declaring that “hucksterism” was the “religion of the Jew”. Marx’s antisemitic venom festered on in Marxist movements, from the Soviets, to the Baader-Meinhof gang, who declared that Auschwitz was simply the murder of capitalism (Jews being the arch-money-men).

Those close to Jews can be just as irrationally antisemitic. Orwell observed that an intercession service in a London synagogue included ex-members of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts.

And so it goes on, today:

A Sydney Labor councillor has stepped down from the board of a Jewish pre-school after horrified parents discovered her secret Hamas-apologist Twitter account, which shared views absolving the group of war crimes and refuting that it was a terrorist organisation.

To damn her with faint praise, it seems that this demented leftist simply hates the West more than even Jew-murdering terrorists.

Michelle Gray, Labor’s Bondi ward councillor on Waverley Council, retweeted from an obscured X account tweets that “the criminals here are not Hamas – it is the West” and suggested US Republicans were “easily more radical than Hamas”.

It might also be noted that Waverley Council only a few years ago vetoed a new synagogue in Sydney’s Jewish heartland. On the grounds that it might inspire Sydney’s Muslims to violence.

Ms Gray, who was elected to the council’s Bondi ward – one of the most populous Jewish communities in Sydney – in December 2021, converted to Judaism upon marrying her husband.

She had, until the account was exposed by angry parents, sat on the board of a Sydney Jewish preschool which The Australian has chosen not to identify for security reasons.

So, what sort of stuff did her now-deleted sock-puppet account peddle?

“How dare Patricia (Karvelas) ask Nasser (Mashni) if he thinks Hamas is a terrorist org while he is talking about the genocide of Palestinians,” a tweet after Monday’s Q&A read, shared by Ms Gray’s account ‘Mitch’, @mishgray1.

“I had to delete a line from my last piece because there was still ‘doubt’ around who blew up a certain Gazan hospital,” another recently re-tweeted post read […]

Another re-tweet after Monday’s Q&A took issue with a claim by Jewish community leader Mark Leibler that the “war crimes of the conflict are those of Hamas… utterly irresponsible of the ABC to amplify (his) bigotry”.

Yep, she really loves Hamas. Almost as much as the odious Greek-Australian Marxist (and regular ABC guest) Yanis Varoufakis.

The account also shared a video of former Greek Treasurer Yanis Varoufakis, who said “those trying to extract condemnation (from me) of Hamas will never get it” […]

Late on Wednesday, parents themselves found the tweets, putting together a petition calling for Ms Gray to resign.

She’s all apologies now, of course.

“I have differing views to many in the community on what is happening in Gaza.”

Meaning, apparently, that she thinks the Jew-killers are the best people.

“[I] never thought anyone important would notice my thoughts amongst so many.”

And she would have got away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling Joos!

“I hate Hamas for what they did on October 7 to our Israeli family, my heart’s been breaking since,” she said, calling the tweets an “error”.

The Australian

That’s funny – she didn’t seem to hate them until she got caught.

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