Reacting to claims by New Zealand’s Ministry of Health that only four deaths have been linked to the Covid gene therapy, Kirsch challenged them to release to the public what he called the ‘death-vax’ record data.

A rise in excess death rates around the world has led to heated debate on the reasons for the phenomenon, which many experts claim is linked to, and contemporaneous with, the mRNA rollouts.

Kisrch says the debate can be settled once and for all by health authorities releasing records showing the mRNA ‘vaccination’ status of the deceased.

‘We could end the debate on Covid vaccine safety instantly. All we need is the death-vax record data. But today, that data is being concealed by the health authorities in every jurisdiction,’ Kirsch wrote on Substack.

‘Every state should make their public health records public. This doesn’t violate privacy and would provide an amazing resource to show everyone objectively whether vaccination increases or decreases all-cause mortality in any significant way.

‘There is absolutely no excuse for this data not to be made PUBLICLY available now.

‘But as of November 16, 2023, not a single legislator, anywhere in the world, wants to do that. They all want to keep it secret. Nobody will carry a bill to expose the public health data.’

US-based Kirsch took aim specifically at New Zealand’s public health bosses, penning an open letter to them on Substack yesterday.


To the New Zealand Ministry of Health:

I read with great interest this “AAP fact check” article which states “NZ health authorities say four deaths have been linked to the vaccines.”

I have record-level data from multiple countries and it’s clear the Covid vaccines are killing at least 1 person per 1,000 doses on average which means that around 12,000 New Zealanders were killed by the Covid vaccines.

So we have a difference of opinion.

I’d like to suggest a way for you to definitively win the argument and prove that you are right and I am wrong. This has the benefit of reducing vaccine hesitancy in New Zealand.

An offer you can’t refuse

Publish the record-level data. The data can be published in a simple format that preserves privacy. See this article for details.

Once the data is made publicly available, my team of statisticians and data scientists will analyze it for you at absolutely no charge. I will personally pay all the expenses. We’ll even have our analysis published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and we’ll [pay] the page charges.

If you’re right and only four people have died as a result of the Covid vaccine, I will pay for all your expenses, cease all my “misinformation superspreader” activities, and urge my colleagues to do the same. This will help reduce the amount of “misinformation” and save lives.

But if I’m right and the data shows that you’ve killed thousands of New Zealanders, you will admit you made a mistake, apologize, revoke the vaccines, and compensate people for their loss and/or injuries.

You have nothing to lose if you are confident the vaccines are safe.

You will get a definitive answer to the safety question that nobody can argue with.

The debates will be over.

The life you save may be your own or someone you care about.

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