Intimidation, expropriation of private property, turning greenery into a liability, dismantling democracy, forced medical interventions,  persecution of minorities, disempowerment of humanity on every possible front: what’s not to love?

Barbara McKenzie

Barbara McKenzie has a PhD in German Literature.



In August 2022 Wellington mayoral candidate Tory Whanau, along with other Green and Labour candidates and sitting councillors, attended a counter-demonstration organised by the Wellington section of Antifa, a worldwide organisation known for its chosen strategy of intimidation in order to achieve its ends. 

It hardly seems a coincidence that the toxic NZ Green Party subsequently fought a toxic local election campaign in Wellington.  Wellington Antifa self-describes as opposing ‘fascism and anti-vax ideology’ thus correlating the two, and in line with Antifa philosophy the Greens insisted on a vaccine election, demonised the unvaccinated and made great use of intimidatory tactics. 

This achieved two things: it successfully ‘othered’ rival candidates while frightening candidates who might have been more nuanced on the issue of Covid mandates, and it also reinforced the government’s message.

The media outlet NZ Stuff also provided inspiration for the Green campaign when Stuff seized on an odd reference by a leader of one anti-mandate group to making the country ungovernable, to create a sensationalist documentary called Fire and Fury, critiqued here. 

The documentary suggested that everyone within five degrees of separation from the anti-mandate protest was involved in planning violent insurrection, even though it was supported by former MPs from three parties and Dame Tariana Turia (‘ungovernable’ seems to be all about growing your own vegetables.)

The group that followed Tory Whanau around the election meetings actively set out to undermine, disempower and intimidate candidates. 

Tactics included loaded questions, jeering at candidates, screaming ‘she’s an antivaxxer’, and whooping for their own candidate while not clapping for any other.

The manipulative questions made it hard for candidates to actually clarify their position, let alone justify their views. 

I was jeered at for denying that I was ‘affiliated with a group that wants to make the country ungovernable’, and for saying that I was opposed to any policies, including the move towards co-governance, that cause division. Others were treated similarly for opposing Wellington’s aggressive cycle network plan or the voting age being lowered to 16 years (lowering the voting age is an important Green policy – I wonder why?)

There were micro-aggressions and reinforcement of the message in the form of announcing vaccination status on introduction.  This practice was followed by at least two candidates, official Green candidate Tamatha Paul, and ‘independent’ but bright green Ellen Blake: ‘I am so and so and I’m triple vaccinated’.  Similarly, the Twitter bio of successful mayoral candidate Tory Whanau proudly affirmed that she was ‘fully vaccinated and a proud mask wearer’.

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At this last meeting in Hataitai, local residents decided they’d had enough of the Greens’ ‘relentless positivity’, and told Whanau’s whoopers to either shut up or go home.

Green Policy: It’s All About Disempowerment

Was there ever a narrative promoted by trillionaire nutjobs and restricting the rights of citizens that the Greens haven’t backed to the hilt?

Making New Zealand unlivable on the back of junk science

During the evolutionary burst of life forms that was the Cambrian Explosion, both global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 were far higher than they are today.  Both have been in a trough, but as CO2 has crawled upwards recently, there had been a greening of the planet, with retreating deserts and higher crop yields.  ‘Can’t have that’, says the Green Party.  So they have reformulated the theory of the carbon cycle whereby while CO2 is brilliant when rebreathed by small masked children, it is otherwise harmful to the planet. 

No matter that there is no science whatsoever to back up their claims of dangerous warming caused by CO2, to be exact the 4% or so produced by humanity (the NZ Climate Commission, when asked to provide proof of their claims, could only hum and haw and admit that they were relying on the nonexistent ‘consensus).

Regardless, the Green Party, along with the Labour Party, are determined to use the nonsense narrative of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming to make New Zealand unlivable by, eg:

  • Confiscating private property for the purposes of rewilding (when the fake biodiversity line is exposed, we can always claim emission offsetting);
  • Numerous measures to make farming nonviable and encourage its replacement with monoculture pine. This has serious implications for the food supply, export income and the environment (NB: in 2019 Green MP and Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage  gave a free pass to Japanese company PanPac to buy up to 20,000 hectares of productive farmland);
  • Rezoning coastal property;
  • Making cities like Wellington hostile to cars by putting in cycleways everywhere, impeding traffic flow and removing car parks with huge inconvenience to residents and negative impact on businesses;
  • Imposing apartment living to replace our house and garden lifestyle which, with its flowers, vege gardens and composts heaps, is now deemed ‘unsustainable’, along with houses that have withstood earthquakes for 100 years.

Wellington’s own ‘Wildland’s’ project

The American Wildlands Project, now termed the Wildlands Network, proposes the designation of more than 50% of the United States as core wilderness areas with little or no human use, while humanity is forced into high-density living.  Exposure of the Wildlands Project was responsible for the United States not ratifying the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity in 1994.

Bizarrely, the Labour/Green faction of Wellington City Council decided to apply this scheme to our capital city, expanding the city’s reserves at the expense of private property. 

In 2022 WCC applied its ‘Significant Natural Areas’ policy to a substantial amount of land formerly zoned rural within the city boundaries, mostly gorse and scrub, and thereby taking the land out of the housing equation. 

The scheme has no legal basis, turns native bush into a liability and is fraudulent, as it is applied to land of no special value at all, at best regenerating bush, but also garden shrubbery, agapanthus, pine, lawn etc. 

Now that the election is over, it is almost inevitable that it will be applied to the 1500 or so residential properties, and presumably many more later on.

Eliminating democracy in favour of rule by tribal elites

At a Wellington election meeting, Green mayoral candidate Tory Whanau and Labour’s Paul Eagle affirmed that they supported 50:50 co-governance with iwi.  This is the policy of both parties, and the Green Party manifesto is full of references to ‘tino rangitiratanga’, ie Maori sovereignty.  The concept is based on a modern interpretation of the Treaty Of Waitangi which asserts that the Crown agreed, not to democracy and equal rights for all, but to an equal partnership between the Crown and Maori elites, in perpetuity.

In 2018 there was leaked and then released a report called He Puapua, which sets out how co-governance in every sphere of NZ life could be achieved.  Needless to say, the Greens fully support the aims of the He Puapua report, whose intent has been described as:

‘[…] a coup designed to dismantle our democracy and the Rule of Law and replace it with the worst form of tribalism coupled with the greed of those who want what they have not earned.’

(Anthony Willy, former Judge and Law Lecturer)

The Mandates

As with ‘climate’ so with ‘Covid’, with the Green Party even more gung ho than Labour when it came to restricting people’s liberty.  When the PM announced the end of the COVID-19 Protection Framework in September, the Greens accused the government of ‘giving up’.

The visible symbol of subjection which is enforced masking is especially dear to the hearts of the Green Party.  After the government removed most mask mandates, the Green MPs turned up at Parliament masked in protest

Mask-wearing was a Green Party badge during the local election campaign on the part of both candidates and supporters, with meetings well attended by Greens a sea of masked faces, even after the mandates were eased.  Green MP Julie Anne Genter came to one meeting with a mask and a scarf wrapped around her face, making a performance of unwinding her scarf when people complained they couldn’t hear her question.

War and mass migration

Green parties everywhere are big supporters of mass migration, including into heavily populated countries like the UK, regardless of the impact on the environment and social fabric of target countries.  This includes NZ, where the Greens have a policy of taking 5,000 refugees (or econonic migrants) per annum, and wishes to grant visa waiver status to all Pacific countries, which will inevitably lead to a huge increase in immigration and population, and have an environmental impact.

The Greens claim humanitarianism, which apparently trumps environmental concerns in this one context.  However a major factor in migration is war, and the Green’s attitude to the West’s immoral warmongering is at best ambiguous. 

In 2017 I asked candidates at an election meeting about their stance on NZ sponsoring the most vicious ISIS-aligned group in Syria, ie the child-murdering Al Zinki gang, via their front group the White Helmets.   The Green candidate declared that his party saw them (ie ISIS-aligned gangs) as the modern-day equivalent of the International Brigades who fought Franco.  It wasn’t certain that the candidate could find Syria on a map; rather it seemed to be a message that was passed down from on high.

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The intervention in Libya with the approval of a ‘no-fly zone’ by the UN on the questionable grounds of ‘responsibility to protect’ was an absolute disaster, leading to the destruction of Africa’s most successful country and the ruin of millions of lives.  The Greens’ Global Policy, however, asserts that  ‘Aotearoa New Zealand should promote the “responsibility to protect” in cases of genocide or gross and systematic violations of human rights’ (thus endorsing the destruction of Libya), when we all know that ‘violations’ tend to be in the eye of the beholder. 

Former MP Kennedy Graham was a strong proponent of removing the Security Council veto, citing Russia’s use of the veto to prevent the West doing a Libya on Syria.  Likewise, a glance at the social media posts of present leader James Shaw shows that he has often wrung his hands about the failure to ‘act’ in (destroy) Syria.


One could be forgiven for attributing to the Greens a philosophy of ‘I love not Man the less, but Nature more’,  and certainly their grassroots will believe it. Except that it doesn’t wash, as many of the measures they support have negative consequences for the environment and biodiversity: making greenery a liability; getting rid of home gardens along with flowers, bees and butterflies and replacing them with NZ ‘s most common natives; covering the landscape with pinus radiata, the penchant for the most toxic energy renewable systems such as batteries, not to mention the obsessive support for the mass movement of people. 

The Greens exist to serve anti-people agendas imposed by overseas interests.  It’s not about loving the environment: it’s all about people, just not in a good way.

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