One might think that the people who run a hospital, where clever people usually work, might at least make an attempt to get their ‘information’ straight. But no, it seems that whoever runs Queenstown’s Lakes District Hospital cares not one jot about the accuracy of information. Whether it be Mis-information, Mal-information or bog standard, run-of-the-mill Dis-information, LDH hits the jackpot.

Holding pride of place inside the waiting room of said bastion of medical integrity is the following sign. (Sorry it’s a bit blurry but please try not to guffaw as you read it).

Lakes District Hospital covid misinformation. Photo: The Queenstown Inquisition. The BFD.

So let’s break this bit of ‘information’ down a little.

1. “So far over 10 million people around the world have died from Covid-19.”


A clear lie. Worldometers as of 3rd Aug 2022 show 6,423,934 deaths, but don’t specify from or with on their landing page. We all know of course that those figures are absolute bollocks given that the figures include all sorts of nonsense being included as Covid deaths.

2. “As well as being deadly and highly contagious, the virus can have serious long-term side-effects called long covid.”


Long Covid is a made-up excuse for lingering side effects. It is really no different from Long Pneumonia, Long Whooping Cough, Long 100 Day Cough (if you’re vaccinated for Whooping Cough), Long Glandular Fever etc etc. So it’s kind of real information but intentionally manipulated to their own end.

3. “Without the vaccine, almost everyone will get the virus.”


Another clear lie. Since when has “almost everyone” ever got any virus? Utter nonsense, it’s almost like they are trying to say you have no inherent ability to gain immunity naturally! I wonder how humans have survived for so long?

4. “Those infected without being vaccinated are at least 20 times more likely to get dangerously ill. This is even higher for Maori or Pacific Peoples.”

(Is this Mis-information or Dis-information?)

Maybe back when The Royal New Zealand College of Medical Practitioners came up with that sign there were some stats supporting this, but I would bet Minister Hipkins’s left testicle that this statement was based on ‘modelling’. In any case, current stats show that the people who are getting smashed up with the WuFlu are the vaccinated ones and I doubt that the colour of one’s skin has anything to do with it.

5. “The vaccine is cleared from the body within a few days, leaving the body’s defences strengthened to fight covid 19.”


Current studies are showing very clearly that this is not the case, spike proteins are being found within cells and even inside the nucleus. Other studies are showing concentration within ovaries and studies pre-Covid showed concentration within ovaries in lab animal tests.

6. “If vaccinated, you are less likely to spread the virus to your whanau, friends and workmates.”


Again, utter bollocks. This is another straight-out lie. Even Dr Fauci agreed. Another recent study shows that the average unvaccinated person stays infectious for only around 2 to 3 days on average while double vaxxed people average around 4 to 5 days on average and boosted even longer, right out to 9 to 10 days! Of course, we have all seen in our own lives all the vaccinated whanau, friends and workmates going down with the Covid and passing it to each other. So Covid truly is a disease of the vaccinated. NY Post article.

7. “The vaccine is Medsafe approved and safer than either the contraceptive pill or common pain relief such as paracetamol.”

A combination of Dis-information and Mal-information.

Medsafe of course never blanket “approved” the vaccines. They were given temporary and tightly controlled emergency approval subject to dozens of conditions, many of which were ignored by the Ardern Government in their haste to inject the lumpen-proletariat. Study here.

Furthermore, to try and state that this poison is safer than the Pill is an unbelievable joke. Have we heard stories of thousands of contraceptive pill users dying, getting blood clots, strokes, munted hearts, menstrual problems, sudden onset diabetes, etc, etc? Of course not.

To even suggest that the vaccine is safer than paracetamol is utterly absurd. How many people have died by taking the recommended dose of paracetamol? The only people who have died from paracetamol overdose are kids who accidentally down a whole bottle or people committing suicide.

To pretend that the vaccines are safer than one of the most commonly used, very innocuous medicines is nothing short of deliberate lies.

Remember the people who wrote and approved this absurd message, intending for it to be placed in hospitals and medical centres around the country are supposed to be medical professionals, the kinds of people that we are supposed to trust with our lives.

For them to sell out to the National Socialist Government of New Zealand in this manner is unforgivable.

And they wonder why people don’t trust the medical fraternity anymore!

Oh, and a quick message for whoever runs the Lakes District Hospital. Just take the bloody thing down, it’s making you all look retarded.


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