As I reported recently, the dismantling of the Tavistock clinic in the UK is just another sign that the tide is turning on the gender wars. The Stonewaffen is suffering yet another defeat: their right to bully and cancel is slowly, quietly, being withdrawn. And now, The Guardian is turning on them.

To borrow an expression from LBJ, if the trannies have lost the Grauniad, they’ve lost the left.

First, the turning tide on cancel culture.

The employment tribunal last week found that Garden Court Chambers discriminated against and victimised its tenant Allison Bailey on account of her “gender critical” beliefs.

It is the second such finding of discrimination by the courts in a month, after they ruled that Maya Forstater was denied work by the thinktank CGD Europe because she articulated her belief in the scientific reality that someone’s biological sex is real and immutable.

Wait, what… did the Grauniad really just say that “biological sex is real and immutable”? Next they’ll be saying that the cocks-in-frocks shouldn’t get to bully women.

Bailey’s belief that Stonewall’s proselytisation of gender ideology is severely detrimental to women and lesbians is cogent, serious and important and so is a protected belief under equalities law. (It turns out Stonewall has a track record of targeting the employers of gender-critical black lesbians.

So… not just misogynist, but racist?

Jeez, next they’ll be saying that we should just leave girly-boys and tomboy girls alone, to be themselves, without mutilating their bodies and sterilising them with dangerous, chemical castration drugs.

Stonewall claims that children as young as two can have trans identities, which, given they can barely speak, is revealing of the extent to which adult identity politics is being imposed on children who do not conform to regressive gender stereotypes.

Gender-non-conforming behaviour is something to be celebrated, rather than the basis for teaching children that they may have been born in the wrong body, as some schools now do.

Get ready for the kicker. Remember, this is from The Guardian, I kid you not:

One day we may look back and wonder at how a regressive and controversial worldview – that being a woman is not a scientific fact but variously an inner feeling or conformity to sexist stereotypes of femininity – came to exert so much influence over so many public institutions and professions. It is a product of corrosive groupthink, charities whose campaigning hinges on bullying their opponents by traducing them as bigots and individuals so keen to prove they are on the “right side of history” they abandon the critical faculties that are core to their profession. It has caused serious harm and a course correction is long overdue.

The Guardian

I need to have a good lie-down. My head is spinning. No doubt, Owen Jones is off in a corner somewhere, weeping inconsolably into his almond milk latte.

What could have possessed the Grauniad to spout such commonsense and logic?

The Guardian (that doubles as a slightly-deflated life-raft for perpetually offended social justice warriors) has reported a ‘slump’ in profits for the last 12 months.

The Guardian reported an 80 per cent reduction since 2021, with a profit of $1.46 million instead of its previously posted return of $7.68 million up to March of 2021.

Spectator Australia

Guess it’s that ol’ “Get Woke, Go Broke” in action, again.

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