When a politician sends us their content they can be assured that what they wrote is what will be published.

One of the things that The BFD offers you that the MSM does not is unfiltered, unspun Political news straight from the horse’s mouth.

  1. Political Party Press releases:

The MSM re-write them and only publish the bits they want their audience to read. They filter the content and put their own spin on it, (assuming that they don’t completely ignore them altogether)

In complete contrast, The BFD publishes the most interesting Press releases from all the parties you are interested in, un-edited, allowing the Political Parties to get their message out directly to you our readers, exactly word for word as they were written.

2. Articles written by Politicians

The MSM allow only a select few politicians access to a weekly column and what actually gets published can often bear little resemblance to what was actually written.

The BFD publishes articles/ columns and Op-Eds sent to it by politicians and only edits them for punctuation and spelling. We do not mess with their message and if we change a sentence slightly it will be only to improve the flow not to alter the message.

When a politician sends us their content they can be assured that what they wrote is what will be published.

The BFD gives politicians direct access to our daily audience of over 27,000 people a day.

We are funded almost entirely by our members. We have not received a single cent from any Government media funds, and nor will we apply. We are not prepared to compromise our standards.

We can make a big difference. We are in reality the ONLY conservative media outlet in New Zealand. Almost every other media outlet skews left wing. We have a great bunch of enthusiastic volunteers. We have the best moderation of any news organisation in New Zealand. But it is time to go to the next level.

You can do your part.

If you are a current member, we thank you. Your contributions enable us to keep doing what we do so well.

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There is so much that we can do. We can really take the fight to our state-funded competitors. We can deliver truly independent conservative news.

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