Paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Hamlet: To vax, or not to vax, that is the question. In order to answer that question, I give you a very stark image out of Germany, where those in the former West Germany dutifully rolled up their sleeves for jab after jab, and those in the former East Germany, with a healthy distrust of government, did not.

If you listened to the jabbers it would be a disaster for those not jabbed wouldn’t it? But reality and facts have proven otherwise.

 Map of 7-day Corona incidence across the Federal Republic of Germany

This is the Omicron BA.5 wave in central Europe, and it is attended by a curious phenomenon: Every day, you can see more clearly the borders of the old DDR in the district-level data. I’ve traced these in green just to make the phenomenon clearer.

Yes yes, there are systematic demographic differences between East and West Germans, and there are probably some differences in testing rates, but above all, there is an important difference in vaccine uptake. In this map of triple vaccination rates across my country, the old DDR borders are also evident:


East Germans have direct experience with government propaganda, and have proven more resistent to the vaccination campaign than Westerners. Their reward, after being much maligned by state media, is now higher levels of natural immunity and lower rates of BA.5 infection, which appears to prefer vaccinated populations.

As the effects of vaccine failure grow clearer, you have to wonder how long the pandemicists will be able to publish even simple infection statistics, without raising extremely awkward questions.


This has been evident for quite some time: the more you vaccinate, the more you get Omicron. Yet, the idiots in our Government persist in the mistaken belief that more of the same will get them out of the problem they created in the first place with mass vaccination.

This is going to happen here for sure. In fact, it already is, if you care to look. Let me show you, in case you are still brainwashed by the persistent propaganda. Remember too that if you get vaccinated “you won’t get sick and you won’t die”.

Firstly the cases:

Now for hospitalisations:

And the deaths:

Here is what negative efficacy looks like.

Yes, that’s right, boosted individuals lead total cases, hospitalisations, deaths, and are overwhelmingly the ones taking up hospital beds and catching the Vid. 88% of new cases are fully vaccinated or boosted, and 83% of new hospitalisations are from the same groups.

Now to really sheet home how much you’ve been lied to, if you are still stupidly clinging to lies that the so-called vaccines protect you, check out the cases per 100,000:

That’s right, the Government’s own statistics say that Boosted individuals catch Covid four times more easily than unvaccinated. Boosted is 161 cases per 100,000 and unvaccinated is 41 cases per 100,000. Note too that boosted is starting to climb again, but unvaccinated is flat lining.

As I have said repeatedly, none of this is a surprise to anyone. The rest of the world has been through this, and as the facts from Germany show, in vivid colour that even the dimmest amongst us could understand, being boosted is unwise, taking a fourth dose is utter stupidity and being unvaccinated is the way to go with long-lasting natural immunity.

Just in case you think the Germany map is too simplistic for a complex situation, read a second post by Eugyppius on the matter.

In summary: Lower vaccine uptake in the former DDR led to higher rates of natural immunity as infections surged in the Delta wave of Fall 2021. What is more, the first Omicron lineages already had a slight preference for the vaccinated, which seems to have only grown more pronounced with BA.5. No DDR Effect is visible anywhere in the German data prior to mass vaccination and Omicron. It is not an artefact of demographics or population density or anything else. If it were, we would’ve seen it before December 2021.


If you still won’t believe the evidence, despite it staring you in the face in all its technicolour glory, you clearly deserve a good hard dose of the Vid to set you straight.

As for me and mine, we remain healthy and unvaccinated despite all the dire warnings. People may say we went down a rabbit hole, but I know now, as I did then, that my powers of reasoning were far better and more accurate than anything the so-called experts have produced.

We were right, but the truly sad thing is, those of you who succumbed to the fear or were ordered to take the jabs cannot ever be unjabbed. The consequences of that are only now starting to be realised.

Why else are we now hearing about unexplained Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, previously unheard of incidences of very rare diseases like Guillain-Barre syndrome killing young people, increased risk of pericarditis and myocarditis, healthy athletes dropping dead in alarming numbers, and increased Type 1 Diabetes in vaccinated people? Literally, nothing else has changed around the world in the last three years except mass inoculation of billions of people with experimental mRNA vaccines that you were told were “safe and effective”.

We are reaping a whirlwind now. The only question that remains, is who will be held to account?

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to vax or not to vax

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