Helen Houghton
New Conservative Party Co-leader

New Conservative’s pro-life policy is not to judge or condemn but asks can we do better New Zealand? New Conservative wants to support both the woman and the baby. 

For every one of us, yes you, who wasn’t killed in their mother’s womb – it’s a good day. 

For those of you crying over Roe V Wade, it’s a good day, because you were given life. 

For me, it’s a good day every day because had abortion been legal in 1966 I would have been given a death sentence, aborted and killed. 

For them, I was to blame, the scapegoat. Everyone else was the victim of my existence. 

The silent and the voiceless, the preborn, the unprotected, unwanted, and unloved. Others get to choose if their life is valuable enough to protect or put to death. The law in 1966 chose life then for me and I get to fight for that life over again today. 

The kick in the stomach that was meant to kill me was the kick I felt impact my belly when I heard the comments about unwanted pregnancies this week. 

In what moral fibre of your being do you think you get to choose if my life and the lives of the unborn have value?

When we say that we respect the rights of women and children how do we justify the 12,000 killed in 2019 through abortion?

Stats NZ is not required to collect numbers anymore for abortions.  Is that to make it easier to turn a blind eye to what is happening? To make us feel better so that we can disown our inhumane decisions and actions since the legislation of abortion on demand? After all, what we don’t see, like the life developing in the womb, we can forget.

An elephant never forgets. 

My life is not a choice for someone else to make, my life in the womb and outside was a right. I am here because of that right. Where is the right now for the preborn, the unprotected, unloved, and discarded? 

New Zealand needs to have these conversations. 

  1. Adoption reform?
  2. Offer real support for women in these situations, especially those at greater risk for unwanted pregnancies. 
  3. Target the reasons for unwanted pregnancies. 

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