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New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has posted a well-referenced new article, this time on the latest appalling attempt to hide the devastating truth from the New Zealand public. The shot-that-shall-not-be-blamed is killing and maiming people, but these tragic sudden deaths are being blamed on a ‘new’ syndrome, where previously healthy young people get “taken too soon”, “sudden and unexpected”, “after a short illness” or “medical event”, to quote from the pandemic of death notices.

Enter Sudden Adult Death Syndrome aka, ‘SADS’.

We agree it is certainly a new phenomenon, but it is NOT caused by genetic rarities in the family as the internationally coordinated propaganda campaign would have us believe. They are indulging in predictive programming, where we are softened up to tolerate something unpleasant to come.

To call it SADS is a ‘lame’ deception of the likely truth of injection injury, which to diminishes the scale of alleged democide (death by government policy) in which the paid-off press are collaborating to disguise.

Along with the sudden epidemic of supposed “flu”, the probable impending lockdowns 2.0 for monkey pox, the apparent “community mandate enforcers” and “surveillance operatives” being recruited by the Police and SIS respectively, as well as the handing over of our health sovereignty to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is just too much to stomach to be told that dead and seriously injured younger people have always been around, we’ve just neither noticed nor cared.

It is now very obvious, and confirmed from multiple sources, that it’s happening in all heavily vaccinated countries.

It sure is clear to a group of NZ doctors with several thousand years of combined clinical experience between them (that means dealing with real people, not modelling and rear-view studies which Drs Baker and Bloomfield rely upon).

Many New Zealanders are now awake to the sudden illness, and rightly scornful of the pathetic parade of excuses emanating from the Wasphive communication teams. We have written up our investigations of the deaths, the injuries, and how the vaccines are biologically plausible culprits, the added technology in the vaccine, and magnetism. We haven’t properly researched vaccinated people emitting Bluetooth MAC codes yet but it seems to be happening, from our fieldwork so far. There is just an embarrassment of wretches to have to counter so people can have a vague clue who is telling the truth. We need a holiday for sure, but are compelled to honour the dead, injured and those to come who need us on the case these days.

NZDSOS have said before, the difference between dying and a life-changing injury following the injection is sheer luck (or rather fate). It is just breath-taking, how greedily the journo- cultists and paid ‘Covidians’ continue to spread disinformation at the ‘money tree’, even as the significant numbers mount.

As more and more Kiwis know of people affected and understand how all this should never happen with medical treatments, as the triple-boosted top the tables for severe Covid-19 outcomes everywhere (though ‘experts’ can lie about this through deliberate mis-definitions that define the recently injected as still unvaccinated until 2 weeks after their 2nd); and as more people wake up to the nonsense of the endless boosters and vote with their feet, particularly in the health sector.

We are helping injection-injured people as best we can by using improved protocols as dedicated clinicians gain critical experience around the world, but we need donations and public support, and above all of course the jabs must stop. The Police and drug regulators have washed their hands of our evidence, but we aren’t alone if enough people join us in the stand for freedom.

Since our post, which we will update, it has emerged that the Pfizer trial used to gain approval for jabbing American preschoolers (from 6 months upwards) had an extremely high dropout rate (2/3) with no explanation provided, and only extremely small numbers left, which actually showed more severe Covid in the vaccine arm compared to the placebo group, which was immediately injected at the close. No doubt many countries, including New Zealand, will approve on the basis of this travesty of a trial. We will just have to wait to see how the ‘presstitutes’ are told to disguise a resurgence of ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)’.

Presstitution. Satirical image credit Wibble. The BFD.

Let’s protect us all from fatal outcomes, by Standing And Doing Something.

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