When you support The BFD your money is going towards the crucial basics such as internet service providers, content and Editorial services.

It is not being spent on:

Flash offices.

The BFD has an online office where our staff from within NZ and Australia meet up every day to share information, coordinate, brainstorm and generally have a lot of fun. We all work from home.

Running Government Advertising

The BFD doesn’t run any Government advertising. Advertorials run by us are all from private individuals or organisations.

Promotion of the Government Narrative

The rest of the media are doing so well promoting the Government narrative we have chosen to spend your money providing you with other points of view as well as facts that they are not telling you about.

Running Anti Racism courses

The BFD.

The BFD isn’t interested in virtue signalling how diverse our staff is or trying to score points just because some of us have darker skin than others. We rise or fall on our content. You either like it or you don’t no matter who wrote it. If you need to know the colour of a writer’s skin before you will read their article then quite frankly you are the one who needs to take an anti-racism course.

Hiring someone to ensure that everything we do is Maorified

Ko te pae papaho pai rawa atu o Aotearoa katoa.

Did you understand that sentence? Nope, we didn’t either. The BFD is a website for an English speaking country and if Maori words are used we will provide a link to a definition or we will explain them ourselves as the whole point of effective communication is for our readers to understand what on earth we are talking about.


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