If doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, then we are governed by a classic of barking mad nutcases.

Well, I mean, we already knew that: but they just keep on proving it in the most staggering fashion. When, for instance, the nation you’re purporting to govern is in the midst of an energy crisis induced by loony climate policies, just how completely, gibbering, dribbling demented do you have to be to demand more loony climate policies?

This demented:

Energy Minister Chris Bowen has lashed out at claims coal is the answer to the nation’s energy woes, saying the problem is insufficient investment in renewable energy and storage.

That’s right: like everywhere else that has gone down the same ruinous path of closing coal-fired stations and leaving the remaining ones to fall into disrepair, while literally chasing after windmills, as well as solar panels, Australians are simultaneously slammed with spiralling electricity prices and collapsing reliability. The government is trying to blame the gas industry, but we wouldn’t need gas if we still had coal.

Nor would energy companies be withholding gas supplies if government-imposed price caps – a desperate attempt to paper over skyrocketing energy costs – didn’t make it simply unprofitable.

But these hooting, self-abusing loons are in a completely schizoid dissociation from reality.

Asked whether the problem was power generated by wind could not be directed into the energy market and consequently, the only solution was prolonging the lives of coal-fired generations and including them in the capacity market, Mr Bowen categorically rejected the idea.

“No, that has been a long held view of yours and it is not one I agree with,”’ Mr Bowen said. “The problem is there is not enough investment in renewable energy. There hasn’t been enough investment in storage.

“Yes, you can say the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. The rain doesn’t always fall either, but we can store the water, and we can store renewable energy if we have the investment.

This is a double-whammy of outright lies and staggering misdirection.

We can’t store any more water, because Labor and the Greens have consistently hated dams for nigh on half a century. In fact, opposing clean hydro development in Tasmania was the founding campaign of the Greens.

As for the much-vaunted “big batteries”, not only are they ruinously expensive, with a horrifying legacy of toxic waste and environmental destruction in their manufacture, but we would have to cover large swathes of the continent to have even the remotest hope of powering enough homes, for long enough, to matter.

Meanwhile, in a supposedly first-world country, we’re actually talking about whether our biggest city will have enough power to get through a winter’s night.

NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean has reassured the state that there should be enough power supply to get Sydneysiders through the night, after what federal Energy Minister Chris Bowen said would be the state’s “tightest” day.

The Australian

Just to prove – in case you might have doubted – that one of the only inexhaustible resources is academic stupidity:

Professors from WA’s five universities have delivered a scathing assessment of the state government’s track record on climate action, accusing it of being “too close to the LNG industry”.

Note, here, that they’re not attacking coal, they’re attacking gas – the very resource that even the climate cult teals are suddenly admitting we desperately need to keep the power grid running.

But who are these “academics”? Climate scientists – who, we’re constantly lectured, are the only high priests qualified to sermonise on climate change? Earth scientists? Meteorologists? Physicists or chemists, even?

Curtin law school academic Hugh Finn, one of those behind the letter […] Sustainability professor Dora Marinova […]


Meanwhile, in Planet Real World, people are being finger-wagged not to use their dishwashers (which uses half the energy and one-third of the water as washing in the sink) and hospitals are being told to “conserve power”. Maybe turn off a few of those power-guzzling life support units? It’s all for the good of the planet! Serves you right for stealing Greta’s hopes and dreams.

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