An open letter from NZDSOS on Deaths Following Vaccination. An unredacted version has been sent to Police.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science


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But people die every day, don’t they?

Indeed they do, on average around 84 daily in New Zealand, but skewed to winter. However, we experienced GPs with thousands of years of collective work between us, can tell you that young people die very rarely, and if they do the stories get around quickly. Similarly for vaccine fatalities, since ordinarily they are so rare. Some years there are none at all.

Most Kiwis who pass away daily are expected to die, being mainly elderly, and many from a terminal cancer illness, or heart attacks and strokes in those with worn blood vessels, some having been ‘warned’ by smaller episodes, often requiring hospital procedures and chronic medication. Long term Alzheimer’s disease causes deaths (often from simply not eating enough), as does the inevitable final failure of the ageing immune system, which succumbs to some bug that does the rounds, especially in late winter/early spring when vitamin D levels are at their lowest.

Contrast this with the stories we list here. Note just how many dead people are young, children even, and suffer sudden, unexpected deaths, typically from blood clots affecting brain or heart.

One reason for this is straightforward enough. After injection, the mRNA code goes where the blood goes, and into the cells that line the blood vessels, which can later get blocked as the newly home-made spike proteins (still a foreign red rag to our immune system bull) stick back out through the vessel wall into the bloodstream. The nervous system and heart muscle have very high oxygen demand, hence lots of blood vessels; they make lots of spike. 

However, we know also that graphene causes blood clots, and really does seem to be present. 

Victims usually succumb on days 1, 2, or 3. In fact, time plots performed overseas show that 50% of post vaccine deaths have happened by 48 hrs and 80% by the first week.

Some die in their sleep, others collapse suddenly in company or are found dead alone. All leave behind untold loss and sadness that will scar people for decades. Of course, all deaths can do this, but there seems a special savagery when guardians of our democracy, of medicine and law, and regulators all turn a blind eye, thus allowing corporate profits to triumph over human lives.

But this is not a new story. Pfizer is a serial offender and has paid huge corporate fines (including the biggest in history), as have other big Pharmas. They factor in ‘malfeasance money’ as a normal cost of business. Their investors expect them to ‘push the envelope’ whilst chasing the dollar. In fact, they might sue a company if it avoids a profit opportunity. What is novel (apart from the gene-altering technology of course) is the apparent abdication of responsibility from all agencies tasked with guarding us from greed and criminality, and increasingly their readiness to pass the buck to the MoH. 

Blood Money?

Moving to less certain territory, rumours abound that some families have been paid off to keep quiet after losing a child or even several to the coerced injection program. Some responses to  OIA requests are still awaited. We have been close to meeting some such people to help them with their experiences, parents who, in the midst of the worst grief imaginable, might dig deep for the courage to disclose government bribery.

In every alleged case so far they have suddenly ‘melted away’, perhaps for reasons we could understand completely. The fear of being labelled an ‘antivaxxer’ for speaking out may be just too much for bereaved parents at their rawest and most vulnerable, and the visible power of a government just to take your child’s life then hand over cash would imply no limits to what it can do to people.

This is rumour and conjecture, and we do not state with certainty this is happening, but more than enough other alleged wrong-doing has happened to make this plausible.  ACC has acknowledged payouts in 4 cases, which is one more than on the Medsafe list of accepted post-vax deaths. You will see one case below where both parents died and the children have reportedly received compensation.  Anyway, there are enough proven deaths and injuries to deal with in the meantime. 

We have been submitting the database to Medsafe since we became aware of it, mid last year. Mr Chris James, general manager, dismissed it as a few details were missing (we say it is the various committee’s job to get that information, using Police if necessary), and telling us – we paraphrase – lots of people die daily, duh, Medsafe will not investigate possible vaccine deaths if we don’t get enough information, get over it.

We know they don’t usually die, like this, so often, so young and suddenly. We know that statistician Grant Dixon measured an extra 2000 deaths last year, which would average about 6 a day, the waves of which tracked almost exactly the weekly vaccination rates of the over 65s, for whom good data was available. These extra deaths could easily hide in the daily seven dozen and be put down to coincidence, the Medsafe excuse.  But we have a funeral director who told us that after the rollout began last year he had 60 out of 65 consecutive cases where the person had died within a fortnight of the vaccine. This same man also is an embalmer and validates the experiences of whistleblower embalmer John O’ Looney from the UK, and others from the US. They all describe the unprecedented presence of large fibrous blood clots in some (and only) vaccinated deceased since the rollout, never encountered before in their long careers. Our man is also an ‘Officer of the Court’, meaning he understands the risks of making false statements. So, you can take his experience to the bank.

Put it all together and what have you got?

In light of all these separate pieces of evidence, any one of which on it’s own just might be coincidental, we challenge anyone to look at these deaths and not at least wonder if all is not well. Boom. For regulators, and all doctors quite frankly, that right there is the threshold to stop right now.  With such alleged high vaccination coverage and omicron doing it’s best to give us all natural immunity (though achieving true herd immunity may be a pipe dream due to high rates of incomplete immunity in the vaccinated that can keep the virus spinning happily) surely we should AT LEAST PAUSE AND REASSESS – especially in light of the findings of apparent ‘nanotech’ that are popping up around the world. Yes, the Police have this information too, and have taken the giant risk of assuming it’s not true. Internal messaging in government is that the images are fake line-drawings. Well, hop onto www.lifeoftheblood.com and see for yourself. Also, NZDSOS members have taken their own images and given statements. Our extensive research since confirms absolutely that this stuff is real, and very dangerous. 

Otherwise, we are all supposed to believe covid-19 and it’s mRNA gene-altering non-sterilising ‘vaccine’ continue to be the world’s leading cause of coincidences!

There may be some of these deaths that are proven in time to be unrelated to the jabs, but there are many more deaths-by-Pfizer that are not recognised and reported. Remember, there is a large under-reporting factor, which is coming in at somewhere around 43 based on international research, (i.e. the true toll might be 43 x higher than the 160 deaths so far reported via the CARM system). The government is so far acknowledging perhaps 3 deaths and in none of these have the coroners released their reports. There was already a shortage of coroners and autopsy pathologists before Covid hit, so this is another choke point in the delivery of information to the public that might have informed their consent.  The country is well into advising jab no. 4 and the findings from the few deaths that are acknowledged are not even made public yet?

To be continued…

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