The BFD‘s Affiliate Programme is just fantastic and its potential is unlimited. To take it to the next level we need organisations with large e-mail lists to promote The BFD using a simple affiliate link in their e-mails out to their readers.

What they will gain is a recurring revenue stream and what organisation these days doesn’t want that?

That is where you come in. Are you a member of any of the following organisations?

  • Hobson’s Pledge
  • The National Party
  • The ACT Party
  • The New Conservative Party
  • IINZ
  • Sensible Sentencing Trust

All of those organisations have an audience very similar if not identical to the BFD’s audience.

Will you do us a favour and personally suggest to them via e-mail that affiliate marketing with The BFD would be an excellent way for them to effortlessly create a recurring revenue stream?

Please tell them and any other online conservative groups that you receive e-mails from that their email databases can benefit their organisation by delivering recurring revenue through our Affiliate Programme.

They can sign up today and start building a recurring revenue stream by promoting New Zealand’s only conservative media outlet.

How It Works

Conservative media and advocacy groups have a similar problem, a lack of ongoing recurring revenue. While the left-wing has no shortage of both volunteers and news outlets the same cannot be said of conservative groups.

Many conservative groups and organisations have email databases. Our Affiliate Programme will benefit them by delivering recurring revenue.

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  1. Promote support for  conservative groups/media
  2. Create recurring revenue streams for those same groups


Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. Extremely beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers, the new push towards less traditional marketing tactics has paid off.

There is no reason that affiliate marketing cannot be used to promote and grow the membership and revenue of like-minded groups.

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another organisation’s products. The affiliate simply promotes a product they enjoy and earns a percentage of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

We give you an affiliate link when you sign up. If someone else signs up to a BFD subscription using that link, we will register them as your affiliated users and start paying you!

As subscribers join up as members of The BFD then you or your organisation would enjoy regular commission payments so long as the member maintains their subscription. 

Ready to become an affiliate? Sign up here.

Why Would This Benefit You or Your Organisation?

1. Passive Recurring Income.

By investing an initial amount of time into a campaign, you will see continuous returns on that time as consumers sign up to memberships to The BFD.  

You or your organisation would receive money for utilising and marketing to your email lists. This could just be as simple as a logo with a subscribe button inserted into each email that you or your organisation sends out.

2. No Member Support.

The BFD will have to deal with their customers and ensure they are satisfied with what they have purchased.

Thanks to the affiliate marketing structure, you’ll never have to be concerned with customer support or customer satisfaction. The entire job of the affiliate marketer is to link the seller with the customer. The seller deals with any customer complaints after you receive your commission from the sale.

3. Cost-Effective.

Constantly nagging donors is time-consuming and meets with a certain level of reluctance. You or your organisation already email your base multiple times a week. All you have to do is keep sending those emails but with trackable links so that new members to The BFD are recognised as coming from you or your organisation.

4. Performance-Based Rewards.

Affiliate marketing is purely based on your performance. You’ll get from it what you put into it. Memberships of The BFD starts at $5 per month. There are $10, $25, $49, and $166 per month subscriptions. You or your organisation would receive a commission on each and every membership that comes from your links.

5. Lifetime Commissions

When a customer clicks on your referral URL and signs up to a membership at The BFD website, they’re instantly permanently linked to you or your organisation. If the member returns to say upgrade their membership then you or your organisation will receive an increased commission, even if they visit The BFD directly. A member can only be linked to one affiliate at a time.

If the customer makes any other guest purchase (logged out) their email address is used to look up the linked affiliate. If they are logged in their BFD user ID is used.

Additionally, if the member ever uses a different email address while purchasing (logged in) or changes their email address from their BFD profile, the new email address is stored with your affiliate profile. This ensures that if the customer ever makes a purchase while logged out, You or your organisation will still receive a commission on the sale.

Ready to become an affiliate? Sign up here.

What Would the Commission Rate Be?

We operate a tiered commission rate (assume 10,000 target with average membership of $10 per month):

  • 0 – 100 referrals = 10% commission rate = max $100
  • 101 – 500 referrals = 15% commission rate = max $750
  • 500 – 1000 referrals = 20% commission rate = max $1000
  • 1001+ referrals = 25% commission rate = $22,500

The BFD has invested in the software to handle this automatically, and you or your organisation would have access to the affiliate system at all times for audit purposes.

There is no financial commitment required by you or your organisation, just a commitment to promote The BFD to its members.

Ready to become an affiliate? Sign up here.


Conservative groups are competing with the likes of well funded left-wing groups like Greenpeace, Action Station and the trade unions. They have hordes of volunteers and even avail themselves of taxpayer funding, or quasi-taxpayer funding via universities as well as woke corporate sponsors.

Conservative media are fighting state-funded media and well-resourced legacy media.

David Farrar recently completed a media survey that was decidedly negative for conservative voices in its results. Most, bar one, are considered extreme left-wing and the most left-wing is Radio New Zealand.

A team approach is required, and one which provides regular recurring income for both parties.

Increased financial resources would mean that both parties to cooperation like this could achieve more favourable outcomes in a sea of hostile opponents.

Sharing content and resources is a way to combat the increasingly negative media landscape for conservative voices.

Ready to become an affiliate? Sign up here.

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