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Maori radical Willie Jackson has called ACT leader David Seymour “a useless Maori”.

It seems anyone of Maori heritage who does not share Jackson’s extreme views is a “useless Maori”.

The problem for Maori radicals like Jackson (who have as much or more Pakeha blood in them) is that many of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have flooded into New Zealand from the late 1980s have contributed enormously.

Many of them have prospered; they have got on with their lives, worked hard, and fulfilled their dreams.

The future generations of these immigrants are likely to take on a greater role in the running of this country. This is something which Jackson and his cohorts fear.

There are exceptional Maori in New Zealand just like there are from many different races. Some of the most revered figures in our history are Maori, yet radicals like Jackson too often prefer to play the blame game. They choose to lay the depressing statistics of Maori figuring poorly in the social index of crime, employment, housing, poverty etc. at the feet of anyone other than the people themselves.

The plain truth is that Maori are not disadvantaged. Opportunities abound. The doors of every education institution are open to them.

But, because of radicals like Jackson, they will always continue to feel aggrieved by repeating a dull, depressing monologue that has gone on for generations:

What is the cause of my addiction problem?

Pakeha colonialism and repression.

My lawbreaking?

Pakeha colonialism and repression.

My poverty?

Pakeha colonialism and repression.

My gang affiliation?

Paheka colonialism and repression.

The solution in Jackson and his fellow Maori radicals’ opinion, supported by many woke non-Maori, is co-governance.

Democracy, as a result, gets tossed out the window. If you dare to question this you are labelled a racist.

And so New Zealand, sorry Aotearoa, and all “Aotearoans”, must be in lockstep with motor-mouth Jackson and his fellow radicals as they goosestep us into an abyss, splintering the country, alienating sections of our society, and hindering future development.

And how will things be in 100 years’ time?

Chances are there will be more Willie Jacksons playing the racial card, bemoaning the sad plight of Maori who by then will have blended even further into the wider society.

The problem with Jackson is he is unconcerned for the greater good of New Zealand and all New Zealanders. Yes, Maori are important but so too are all other New Zealand citizens, regardless of their ethnic origins and beliefs.

Jackson’s view of the world is based entirely on race

Race Card. Photoshopped image credit Technomage

For him, it is Maori first, second, and last. Non-Maori do not count.

For this, he is a racist.

And for his perpetuation of the Maori grievance industry, if ever there is a “useless Maori”, it is Jackson.

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