On Saturday I wrote about the wrongness of Michael Baker and posited that if this functional idiot pulled his head out of his back passage, he’d see what was happening around the world and how it shouldn’t be a surprise to see what is coming to New Zealand shortly.

New statistics from the UK now show clearly the utter failure of the vaccines, so much so that the statistics are showing that Covid vaccines are killing more people than they are ‘saving’.

New UK government data allows us to analyze the data in a way we couldn’t before. This new analysis shows clearly that the Covid vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups. In other words, they shouldn’t be used by anyone. The younger you are, the less sense it makes.

Anyone can validate the data and methodology. The results make it clear that the Covid vaccines should be halted immediately.

[…] Here’s the result of the analysis.

What this means is that if you are 25 years old, the vaccine kills 15 people for every person it saves from dying from Covid. Below 80, the younger you are, the more nonsensical vaccination is. The cells with * means that the vaccine actually caused more Covid cases to happen than the unvaccinated.

Above 80, the UK data was too confounded to be useful. Until we have that data, it’s irresponsible to make a recommendation.

Steve Kirsch

I asked if you were angry yet? How about now?

Steve Kirsch explains his analysis so others can test and replicate it. He explains it in easy to understand terms.

And you know how Baker and Ardern and the whole lying edifice keep brain-washing people into believing the Pfizer vaccine is “safe and effective”? Well, read this:

In the Pfizer Phase 3 trial, there were a total of 21 deaths in the vaccine group and 15 deaths in the placebo group.

This 40 per cent increase in the all-cause mortality in the trial (21/15=1.4) was of course dismissed as not statistically significant. While that is true, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to the number.

But now, based on the UK data, we know that the result in the Phase 3 trial wasn’t a statistical fluke. Not at all.

In fact, if we look at the risk benefit, we see that we saved one life from dying from Covid (one Covid death in the treatment group versus two Covid deaths in the placebo group = one life saved), but there were seven excess non-Covid deaths (20 – 13).

So the Pfizer trial showed that for every person we saved from Covid, we killed seven people. However the numbers were too small to place a high confidence in this point estimate.

– However, I’d argue that [the] Pfizer trial was a best case because: The trial enrolled abnormally healthy people who died at a 10 times lower rate than the population (there is a one per cent US average death rate per year, yet there were just 15 deaths in the 22,000 placebo arm in six months which is a 0.1 per cent death rate)

– They were able to get rid of anyone who had a reaction to the first dose without counting them

The most important point though is that the Pfizer trial killed:save ratio of 7:1 and the ACM ratio of 1.4 is consistent with the hypothesis that the vaccine kills more people than it saves.

Steve Kirsch

How’s that anger? Read this then:

I’m hardly the only person noting that the Covid vaccines kill more people than they save. Other articles show either no benefit at all or a negative benefit.

1. For example, check out 99.6 per cent of Covid deaths in Canada were among fully vaccinated people between April 10-17, which can only happen if the vaccinated have a great[er] ACM than the unvaccinated, since there is only an 86 per cent vaccination rate in Canada. This is hard for anyone to explain.

2. Fully Vaccinated 6x Higher Overall Mortality Than Non-Vaccinated (October 30, 2021)

3. Follow-up of trial participants found ‘no effect on overall mortality’

4. Horowitz: The failure of the mRNA shots is on display for all with open eyes

I’m putting down a trail of nuggets of truth for you to pick up, and have always been doing this. Are you picking up?

If you get most of your news from the corrupted mainstream media, then these nuggets of truth will be a revelation to you.

Sadly, these revelations have been obvious for a while if you took the time to educate yourself. We try very hard to get you the information: we read widely and this is why we have been implacably against the vaccine propaganda from the very start. You have been lied to by the people you trusted to give you impartial health information.

I seriously recommend you start, if you haven’t already, to wake yourself up and stop complying with lunacy. It isn’t good for your health.

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