Their craven lust for power is unabated. No political party in Parliament spoke out because all are salivating at the thought of having the power Labour now has.

The politicians loftily talk about hate speech, but this is what they have to say about the people they marginalised, demonised, ostracised, and persecuted, all for daring to refuse an experimental medicine with negative efficacy.

Jacinda Ardern:

To Wellingtonians, I am sorry for what you have had to endure, but I thank you for your resilience. I hope your sense of safety and confidence has been restored.

You have had to endure the trampling of your mana, and we will work with you to see that restored.

The only mana we saw trampled was that of the protestors. Wellingtonians had 23 days of just three streets blocked. The mana of Aucklanders and the rights of the same were trampled over for 107 days under a government-enforced lockdown. There were no words of apology to Aucklanders for that.

Christopher Luxon:

We will always respect people’s right to protest; it is quite rightly a basic tenet of our democracy, and in my time in Parliament, I’ve tried to meet as many protesters and petitioners as I can out on the forecourt to hear their concerns. But something was off in this protest from the get-go. There was real animus in the atmosphere. With roads blocked and public transport disrupted, Wellingtonians had no choice but to significantly alter their daily routines and yield their freedoms. The National Party wholeheartedly condemns the behaviour of these protesters. Their behaviour yesterday was not peaceful protest or activism; it was thuggery. We join parties across the Parliament in paying tribute to all of those who have kept us safe and have contributed to bringing the unrest to an end.

Christopher Luxon

The only people who were armed and committed thuggery were the Police. If Luxon thinks this will all go away he has another thing coming. You cannot ignore people who are suffering and just kick them some more.

The National Party is in lockstep with the tyrant’s regime. Their only point of difference is that they’d have been more efficient fascists.

As I said in a speech last week, two years ago, when the Prime Minister made the wise decision to put New Zealand into a strict lockdown, we were united in our resolve; we came together to combat COVID-19, and we felt good about it. But Kiwis are frustrated that what was simple then has become messy and complicated two years on. There are frustrations shared by reasonable, law-abiding, well-intentioned, and well-informed people up and down the country about the Government’s approach to COVID and its lack of a plan.

Of course it was correct that the debate did not take place between lawmakers and law breakers on the forecourt of Parliament, and I’m proud that every party in this House agreed not to open a dialogue with the protesters until they de-escalated their behaviour—a condition that they demonstrated they were not up to meeting.

But we cannot risk writing off other New Zealanders’ valid concerns because of the reprehensible behaviour of a disaffected minority. It is reasonable to expect that Aucklanders who spent 15 weeks in lockdown last year or business owners who have lost the ability to pay their staff or put food on their family’s table will want to hold the Government accountable for its decisions and promises.

Christopher Luxon

Did you read that? He is proud that every party refused to listen or engage with the protestors.

He disgusts me. He is the handmaiden of Jacinda Ardern, her handbag carrier. He’s supposed to be the Leader of the Opposition, opposing the government. Instead, he’s carrying their water. I used to think that National and Labour would never go into a coalition with each other but under the timid leadership of Christopher Luxon, I’m not so sure anymore.

Marama Davidson:

I also acknowledge that I was standing at that window and watching people—people—being harmed at the front line, including police. I was watching humans being harmed, and that rocked me; that rocked me as someone just watching violence from the window. I want everyone to be able to recover physically, spiritually, and mentally from whatever injuries and traumas happened as a result of yesterday’s completely unacceptable violence.

Marama Davidson

That harm was being visited on people by the jackbooted forces of the regime. And she just stood and watched, protected by those same jackbooted thugs. Ironically she would have been better handled at her protest off the coast of Israel by the soldiers of the IDF. She wasn’t tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed or bashed with batons.

She is another class hypocrite crying crocodile tears about how terrible it was that smelly people turned up and were a bit mad about having their jobs, careers, and lives wrecked by government policies she endorsed.

People like Marama Davidson care more about the rights of a really, really tiny minority (like the weirdos who think they are blokes when they aren’t) but does nothing for far greater numbers harmed by the divisive policies of the Ardern regime.

James Shaw:

Just shy of three years ago, I was stopped on my way to work by a man who yelled at me that I had to stop what I was doing at the UN—before fracturing my eye socket with his fist. Now, I know that there are many members of this House who have been assaulted at some point in their lives, so I know that colleagues will know what I mean when I say that time seems to slow down in those moments. And you seem to be able to get a great many thoughts through your head in the time that it takes from standing up to lying down.

And one of the thoughts that crossed my mind in that moment was what he might have meant. One possibility: that he was connecting my work as climate change Minister to the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory. Another was that he was worked up about the UN migration pact, which had been the subject of a highly coordinated disinformation campaign over that summer—a campaign which was driven largely out of Russian internet troll farms and had managed to find its way into mainstream political discourse even here in Aotearoa. Either possibility has the same root cause.

Twenty-nine hours later, 51 people were killed and another 40 injured at the hands of a white supremacist terrorist in Christchurch. It’s apparent that the terrorist spent a great deal of the time over the course of his life in the dark recesses of the internet, where his grievance, his entitlement, and his hate metastasised into the evil fantasies that drove him to kill so many people. The attack on the US Capitol on 6 January last year was fuelled by the misinformation and disinformation campaigns of far-right and proto-fascist movements aimed at destabilising and fracturing society and causing and creating the conditions for authoritarians like Trump and Vladimir Putin.

James Shaw

What a disgusting creature, further demonising people who were protesting at the destruction of civil rights by further smearing them as deluded and stupid, who fell for dis-information. Comparing the protestors to a mass murderer is despicable and unconscionable. It was the Police who turned up with military-grade weapons, not the protestors. The only fascists on display were the Police.

Yesterday, the grifters and the charlatans, the political opportunists, and the white supremacists who were behind the protest melted away like cowards and abandoned the field to the desperate people that they’d led astray. I can only hope that they will be held accountable for their part in all of this and that we can find a way, as a country, to immunise ourselves against their malign impact in the future.

James Shaw

I didn’t think it was possible to find anyone more despicable than the tyrant, but then James Shaw put his hand up.

David Seymour:

The protesters may well believe that their cause was more important than others, that the ends justified the means. Well, actually, all protests believe that, at some level. But most protests understand that a society that observes democracy and the rule of law is worth preserving, and the preservation of that society is worth more than any single cause.

That’s why we have to ask why so many people felt that the society had abandoned them, that they had so little to lose that they would occupy Parliament and central Wellington for three weeks in a protest that everybody agrees is different from anything that we’ve seen before.

Well, the Government’s answer to that question came out last night in what I regarded as a disappointing speech from the Prime Minister. So far as she’s concerned, everything is fine, the COVID response is fine; it’s all because of conspiracy theories driven by foreign websites. Well, you know what? That sounds like a conspiracy theory in itself.

David Seymour

Well Mr Seymour, the bastion of free speech, where were you when the Government was trampling the rule of law with illegal lockdowns? Where were you when the government overrode the Bill of Rights and created two tiers of citizens and the divisions which caused the protests?

I know where you were, you were cheering the regime on and telling them you’d be more efficient at rolling out mandates, lockdowns, vaccines and masks. If you were in the Reichstag in the 1930s you’d be berating Hitler for taking too long to start the pogroms. We saw you, and we will never forget.

His arrogance continues:

And, just to be clear, the world does have a big problem with misinformation, with processing information. There’s never been more access to information, and our ability to work through it and sort fact from fiction has not kept up. I get it nearly every day. I get somebody who emails me saying, “I don’t think this vaccine’s effective.” I send them a link from the New England Journal of Medicine—the premier medical journal in the world, the journal of record for the profession that’s doubled life expectancy and made so many things possible—and they shoot back, “No, I’ve got this blog. I’d rather read this.”

People are lacking the ability to tell the difference, and that person is misinformed—that is a real problem, and I know it, and I experience it. But that doesn’t mean that everybody who has a concern is misinformed. The problem with being unable to internalise complex situations in our head, to quote an old ad, is that we are failing to do that as politicians too.

David Seymour

Yet again a politician who uses his mouth and ears in precisely the wrong ratio that God intended. Thinking he knows best. He’s like Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis and Jordan Williams, people so convinced of their own brilliance that they believe that if they just talk at you for another five minutes they’ll convince you of the merits of their argument.

The sneering, doctrinaire attitude of the elites is there before us all.

The mask, ironically, has slipped and all there is to show is contempt for their fellow humans. And nothing shows more contempt for other people than congratulating catering staff for making sure the pie warmer was full for the elites to have their fill at the trough:

Trevor Mallard:

I want to also acknowledge our Copperfields staff, who have been here until half past 12 in the morning and been back at 6 in order to support with warm drinks the police, who were on occasions quite tired, quite cold, and quite wet, and I think that was great, too.

Sneering arrogance, from the man who continues to describe people harmed by his regime’s policies as ferals.

The last words signal the end of Christopher Luxon, who was praised for being a cuck:

I think I want to say especially to the Leader of the Opposition, thank you very much. I spent more time talking with him, again, at midnight on occasions, or after 11, and at 6 o’clock in the morning on others—more time speaking to him than to all the other party leaders combined, and I want to acknowledge and thank him for the personal support that he gave me through a very difficult period.

Trevor Mallard

Effusive thanks for a man who forgot that the day before he started collaborating with the Speaker he was trying to get a Notice of No Confidence up in the house against the Speaker for his actions with the sprinklers, Police attacks and his psychological abuse. Strangely all of his MPs have removed their social media posts about that like it never happened. Gone, down the memory hole. But not from our memory.

But now we know why…they snuggled up to the regime and became simps to the tyrant Ardern.

Every politician in the house deserves nothing but contempt. Take away their likes on Facebook and unfollow them, because they are not leaders they are weasels. They are good for nothing, they add nothing, they are a cancer on society.

Their craven lust for power is unabated. No political party in Parliament spoke out because all are salivating at the thought of having the power Labour now has.

All the Labour fanbois spaffing on Twitter about how caring and kind their leader is are oblivious to the fact that one day a National Party PM will be wielding these powers against them long after Ardern has got her coveted posting overseas.

It’s the only joy I have left, imagining their cries of horror when they realise they let her create a country in which these things can happen.

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