You have taken my career and my freedoms but we have levelled up now that you are coming after my kids. 

Freedom Convoy Camp 10 Feb 2022. Photo credit The BFD.

My 18-year-old couldn’t join the army!

My 17-year-old can’t get his restricted licence!

My 15-year-old can’t go on a school camp with her friends!

Kids have been mandated in all but name. You have made it impossible for them to be functional members of society; their lives are stalled. They can’t socialise, play sport, go to the movies. Their chances of getting work are slim. Their hopes and dreams are shattered under your restrictions.  

I am so worried about what may become of them if they start on the treadmill of jabs and boosters. The possible adverse effects, the unknown effects on fertility, what may happen to their immune systems with the history of autoimmune disorders already in our family. 

The speed with which they have adjusted to being second class citizens is disconcerting. Hearing them discuss if they can go here or there and the finer details of discrimination!

They are fit and strong, in the prime of their lives, and are being sacrificed for the illusion of safety – for an ineffective vaccine and no proof of transmission. 

I go to see an old friend I haven’t seen for a few months. She is telling me about her son and all the wonderful things that lie ahead for him. When I say that my son, who is the same age, is severely restricted she is quiet and then changes the subject. Is this alright with her? Is it alright that because of a medical decision my son’s life is now bleak?

Has discrimination, even against children, become so normalised that it is acceptable? 

I hear online that two children in a New Zealand primary school class are made to stand in a separate line to ‘keep the others safe’ because they are unmasked. 

What sort of life will children and teenagers have if they don’t comply? Not being able to work, study or participate? Always being the other. And now to top it off you are coming after the 5-11 year-olds. How dare you! And no parental consent required and vaccinating on school grounds is fine.

In my previous life as a teacher, valued by New Zealand society, I couldn’t give a child a painkiller without parental consent; now it’s fine for a six-year-old to have an experimental drug, no need to ask Mum. Hello, homeschooling! And the latest insult to freedom: children masked in summer. Because we are desperately trying to prevent the inevitable. 

You’ve already decided pregnant women should have the vax even though they weren’t included in the trials. When I was pregnant, I had a tiny trifle at Xmas, with no sherry in it. I worried when I stood too close to the microwave. There is no way I would have let that stuff near my unborn child. Have some booties, a car seat and some gene therapy! 

Parents of 5-11-year-olds must feel so helpless. But what is the alternative?

Most pro-choice parents would rather vote for Labour than supervise worksheets at home.

The real learning of lockdown was realising how tedious and difficult it was to teach your own child, but homeschooling is what parents will do because parents don’t want their kids masked all day, breathing in their own carbon dioxide. And they certainly don’t want their child pressured or coerced and they know the risk/benefit analysis doesn’t add up.

Most of them would like to say a very big fuck you, Jacinda. 

There are occasions when bad language is appropriate and this is one! Photo credit:

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