The Prime Minister is becoming more and more like the Mad Queen Daenerys Targaryen in the final season of Game of Thrones. She would seemingly rather burn the country down than abandon her increasingly insane approach to COVID-19.

For the Greater Good

Restricting the many to protect the few sits somewhere between ludicrous and destructive. Dividing society and pushing vaccines of questionable efficacy, particularly under the guise of “for the greater good”, that have arguably failed to make a dent in the pandemic and have perhaps even fuelled it, is pure insanity.

There’s nothing “greater good” about locking down and weakening the entire herd with draconian restrictions; destroying the economy and supply chain with prolonged isolation rules; borrowing vast sums of money and indebting future generations; avoiding conversations about personal responsibility, healthy lifestyle and diet to minimise risks; wasting two years and tens of billions of dollars on pet projects rather than boosting the health system and ICU capacity and mandating hundreds of unvaccinated health professionals out of their jobs in the middle of both a chronic shortage and a pandemic. None of that is “for the greater good”. Quite the opposite.

As for the vulnerable, I’m not heartless, I do care. But I also care about the businesses that are unable to operate at full capacity or continue to keep their doors open; the events, arts, tourism and hospitality industries, along with many others, that have taken one beating after another; the children having their development and education adversely affected; the people who have lost their livelihoods and ability to provide for their families; the people who are having their medical diagnoses and procedures unnecessarily delayed; the people who are forced to isolate in violent households; the people who are locked out of the country and unable to return home; the people who are not allowed to be with their loved ones in their final hours; the people who have lost friends and family for thinking differently; the people who can see no way out of this madness but to contemplate taking their own lives.

While protecting the vulnerable minority should be a priority, it need not come at the cost of the relatively healthy majority. There’s a better way. But once again Ardern would rather take a sledge hammer to COVID with little regard for the true cost of her actions.

Continuing to pursue our current myopic approach is likely to grow the number of vulnerable in our society and worsen the outcome for all.

The mental health of the nation is teetering on the edge. Many across the country are worn out and will struggle to make it through another year of unrelenting madness dished out by a Prime Minister with reckless abandon for those in her way.

New Zealand has become a deeply divided country riddled with hypnotised fools in the wake of Ardern. She has led many down the garden path with endless propaganda, fear-mongering, dodgy modelling and an over-reliance on questionable ‘expert’ advice. Kiwis need to wake up and see the Mad Queen for what she is before she burns us alive, locked inside the walls of Fortress New Zealand.

Kiwis need to wake up and see the Mad Queen for what she is before she burns us alive, locked inside the walls of Fortress New Zealand.

With the highly transmissible but milder Omicron variant now circulating in the community, openly pursuing a “let it rip” approach would be kryptonite to the Prime Minister’s zero-Covid brand and cult followers, but likely more sensible and with a better outcome than the current plan to drag out the inevitable and prolong the pain.

We need to learn to live with COVID. We can’t hide at the bottom of the world forever with our borders shut, our lives on hold, endlessly covering our faces like self-asphyxiating morons, waiting for each new booster to protect us from each new variant, all the while limiting the real pandemic killer, natural immunity. Life is for living, sometimes we get sick, sometimes we die, but 99.97% of the time in a post-COVID world we actually live. In an Omicron world we fare even better. Let natures vaccine do its thing. Let’s get on with it. To quote the hollow promises of a Mad Queen, “let’s keep moving” and “let’s do this”.

While backing down is nigh on impossible for the Prime Minister – particularly when she knows the hypnotised will call for blood at the first sign of any deviation from a stamp it out, slow it down, cower in fear approach – it’s a critical first step in overcoming the country’s anxiety and obsession with COVID-19.

Un-brainwashing the brainwashed won’t be an easy task, however. One only needs to look at the people flooding testing centres and vaccination centres fearful of Omicron to see just how deep in the Matrix they are.

After swallowing the Prime Minister’s “one source of truth” pill back in early 2020, aided and abetted by a sycophantic mainstream media regurgitating her propaganda and peddling booster doses of her “truth”, many can’t see the forest for the trees. Throw in a gaggle of rent-an-experts, like the scared-to-breathe Prof. Michael Baker, the raving lunatic Prof. Rod Jackson, the prophet of doom Prof. Shaun Hendy or the insufferable know-all Sioxusie Wiles, and it’s really no wonder why so many have lost their minds.

To quote Robert Malone, “If you think much of the world has gone mad, it has”. New Zealand is leading the charge. There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of: the convicts were sent to Australia, the mentally ill were sent to New Zealand. Never has that seemed more true than now.

The Prime Minister is foolish to believe she can control the incoming tide and have any measurable impact on Omicron. But perhaps that’s not really her belief. Perhaps her real intention is only to convince people that she holds that power. After all, she has become a seasoned pro at convincing people to “don’t look up” and instead believe her hollow promises and blatant lies. “Two shots for summer”, she said last year, as summer crashes and burns and is shot up with boosters to make it through to winter.

Ultimately, no matter what the Prime Minister says or does or tries to implement, Omicron will do as Omicron does and the country will likely be worse off for Ardern’s efforts. Omicron is in the driver’s seat now. While the Prime Minister may try and wrestle for control and find new and novel ways to punish the passengers when she fails to get her way, Omicron will win, just as it has in every other country.

As to whether a big dose of impending reality is enough to wake her most ardent and loyal followers before they burn to death, that remains to be seen. But for those of us who are awake, we know Omicron is not the greatest threat facing New Zealand right now, it’s the pandemic of bureaucracy in response to it.

The Government is the real threat and the solution is to stand up and say “enough is enough”, vote them out as soon as we possibly can and enshrine in law protections that ensure their actions are never repeated again.

One can only hope that the Mad Queen of Covid meets the same fate as Daenerys Targaryen, (figuratively) knifed by one of her closest allies “for the greater good”.

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