Sir Bob Jones

There’s no valid health reason to continue blocking fully vaccinated Kiwis from coming home. Nor is there any logic in continuing with the MIQ policy for the triple vaccinated.

These prohibitions were introduced at a time the world was ignorant about Covid. That’s no longer the case. The civilised world is opening up, accepting the reality that there’s no sensible option other than to live with covid. A hermit existence historically appeals solely to dullards and authoritarian mentalities, the last people one wants to set any agenda.

So too with the willfully unvaccinated. They should not be allowed to hold the public at ransom. They’ve made their absurd decision and can bear the consequences, as indeed they are, most covid deaths being with the unvaccinated. In many such well-publicised cases it could be argued that dying has been their sole contribution to society.

As said, the current situation promotes an authoritarian state, far worse than the latter years Muldoon period. That’s not the New Zealand I want to be part of.

Jacinda’s messiah days are well and truly over and should be recognised for what they were, namely crying wolf but doubtless ego-gratifying for her and her sidekicks.

It’s time for grown-ups to be in charge and a return to normality.

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Bob Jones

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