Cancel culture makes people and organisations vulnerable. Activists go after organisations’ ad revenue by complaining to their advertisers. They go after individual’s jobs by complaining to their employers.

Last year a Youtuber in New Zealand lost his job after a concerted effort by activists including Maori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

Our employers are our members which gives The BFD an additional protective layer. Our ad revenue is only a very small part of our revenue which again reduces the risk of activists trying to silence us by going after our advertisers.

Two years ago as the editor of The BFD I received all in one day lots of e-mails demanding that I cancel one of our writers. I told them all politely to go jump in the lake. They were flabbergasted as that is not normally the response they get, Normally the person or people in charge panic and throw the person under the bus.

I was able to stand up to the cancel crowd because of the support of our members.

If you haven’t already subscribed please do so today to strengthen our position when the activists next come knocking.

With BFD community members standing behind me I have the confidence to stand firm against those who would silence and deplatform us.

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Cancel The BFD? I don’t think so…

We need to stand up to cancel culture and the advances of cultural marxism. But we can’t do that without your help.

We need your support and we need your memberships. Will you join our community and help contribute to fighting cancel culture and standing up for conservative values?

We can fight, you all know that. Help us fight harder for what you believe in. Join us now!

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