Dear Editor

Yesterday I went to offer my support to the TFRC vigil outside Mt Eden prison and on the way I initially thought I’d offer to get them takeaway coffees or something; thinking maybe there would be a few people under a gazebo.

When I got there I found several gazebos (about 6 or 7 big ones) with lots of supporters under smaller ones too and it lifted my heart to see them and chat with them. And they didn’t need my coffee either… in fact THEY made ME a coffee and they even offered me some lunch!

TFRC vigil outside Mt Eden prison. 24/01/22 Photo credit The BFD.

These people are heroes for freedom. Very orderly, well behaved and friendly. There was some quite loud music playing but, to be honest, the whole area is an extended construction site so a bit of music would be the very last thing for Seymour’s ‘electorate’ to complain about, given the cacophony of trucks, diggers and heavy machinery.

The mood was positive despite the fact that Brian Tamaki is only allowed ONE five minute phone call per day (which he has with his wife Hannah) and he reportedly has no access at all to any media of any kind. I don’t know what kind of life he has inside but the idea that New Zealand is now OK with taking political prisoners for the crime of non-violent protest is pretty chilling, frankly.

Good on TFRC and all power to Brian Tamaki for standing up to Ardern’s Fascist Technocratic gang.



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