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Everything in this series of articles is my own opinion. My decisions are my own and not recommendations to anyone else. While at this stage I have chosen not to vaccinate against covid, I have taken a considerable amount of time and effort to help improve my odds, not just against Covid, but all infectious diseases.

Mandates. Cartoon Credit: Tim Ordei. The BFD.

9. Censorship

I’m seeing censorship everywhere. It’s like the husband hiding his phone from his wife, like that won’t raise any suspicions.

There is a long list of scientists, researchers, and doctors who are concerned about the vaccine rollout. They have provided many well-thought-out arguments (backed up with peer-reviewed evidence) against vaccine mandates, mask-wearing and lockdowns but no politician, medical official or mainstream media outlet will debate them in the public sphere.

They haven’t responded with any evidence to refute the arguments against the vaccine – other than presenting old data, or with catch phrases like “That’s misinformation”, “Follow the Science” or name-calling. If a researcher is wrong – the peer review will sort that out. Don’t say to them “We can’t publish this!” Or worse, researchers who refuse to publish papers because they are afraid of losing drug company funding.

I’m seeing more criticism of doctors who advocate for “Psudeo-Science” with demands they should be fired or have their licenses revoked. Natural health and pharmaceuticals are two different world views that are destined to collide. Ideally, they should both be incorporated into a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, but there are significant amounts of money at stake for Big Pharma.

Sales of a wide range of medications are threatened if the average health of the population improves. Unfortunately, drug companies are significantly better financed with very deep influence in both the political and medical establishments.

Censoring dissenting views seems to be an effective marketing tool.

Senator Johnson’s expert panel on the Vaccine Injured was deleted by Youtube. The reason: “preventing the spread of harmful misinformation” over the figures quoted by VAERS (837,000 adverse events and over 17,000 deaths). The CDC admit these numbers are accurate but claim that there is no causal relationship to the vaccine.

The point of the hearing was to discuss the fact that the CDC and FDA are failing to follow up cases and investigate any possible link. There are serious problems with the system but, as mentioned, the CDC and FDA never turned up to the hearing. Instead of defending their process, the record of the hearing was just removed.

In order to take away people’s freedom, governments have to be sure they are taking the correct course of action. To be certain that they are right, the following are required. 1) Transparency of information. 2) Open public debate. 3) No censorship. None of these three conditions is being implemented.

We can’t know what we don’t know. Truth can not be obtained if ALL evidence is not being made available. The government really lost me when they claimed to be the only source of truth… THIS IS NOT SCIENCE!.

Throughout history it was always those that burned the books who turned out to be wrong. Call me an anti-vaxxer – or whatever but, sorry, I can’t take the word of anyone who won’t debate.

10. Covid Education

I’m told everything I learn about Covid is misinformation if it didn’t come from official government sources. The only clarification I am getting on misinformation is for things I never believed in the first place. It’s like the government are talking past me, and many others, trying to address the concerns of “Anti-Vaxers” that don’t actually exist.

The government don’t answer any serious questions… other than with marketing material consisting of actors rattling off promotional slogans, and little graphical presentations and sound bites that seem to be pitched at 5-year-olds. It’s condescending and patronising.

I have access to papers on pubmed, BMJ, and many other scientific sites, and channels featuring live streams (some over 3 hours!), with detailed, scientific analysis of new and updated information on all aspects of health, Covid and the vaccine by qualified scientists, doctors and researchers. They have no Pfizer influence, and their opinions differ greatly from the government’s narrative.

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