I was looking at the BFD memberships the other day when I noticed that one customer name for a membership was My Cat James.

Cat’s political views matter and I am taking this opportunity to ask you all to consider purchasing a BFD membership for that special cat in your life.

tabby cat on ledge
Photo by Timothy Meinberg. The BFD.

Why should people have all the fun? I want to see some new customers like My cat Cindy and My cat Simba.

If you haven’t already subscribed your cat to The BFD please do so today so that we can finance our expansion plans for the future and continue to keep our engine room humming.

It will also help keep him or her out of trouble.

The BFD is New Zealand’s newest and freshest News & Views website and we want to be fighting fit primed and ready for an exciting 2023 election year and we can’t do that without your cat’s help.

We are your Brash, Focused and Dedicated site for news, views and social commentary on issues locally and around the world, that matter to you.

Will, your cat support us in our new venture and ensure that there is a conservative counterbalance to the left’s internet presence?

Will your cat help us to stand up for free speech?

Will your cat help us to stand up for democracy and stand against a separatist agenda?

Your cat’s membership will help ensure that The BFD can continue to be the champion of the silent majority.

We can’t do it without you and your pet.

Subscribe Now.

shallow focus photo of orange cat near laptop computer
Photo by Catherine Heath. The BFD.


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