The BFD is seeking citizen journalists to write news articles for us in a voluntary capacity.

Regular contributor Lionred in 2020 reported on a disaster in Lostwithiel, Cornwall providing both commentary and photos of what was happening. In 2021 he wrote regular reports on the coup in Myanmar.

Would You like to Become a Citizen Journalist? You Might Be One Already.

If you use social media to tell others what is going on in your community or to shed light on current events around you, you’re already doing the work of a citizen journalist.

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A citizen journalist is somebody who reports on events who has not been trained as a journalist. Citizen journalists include both those who are interested in reporting what they have seen to a wide audience and those who just happen to be on the scene when news occurs and who want to share that information with a wide audience.

The BFD can provide that wide audience for those of you keen to give citizen journalism a whirl.

New media like The BFD allows non-professional journalists and writers to challenge the MSM.

Citizen journalists can write about and report on issues dear to their hearts.

The advantage of citizen journalists is that they’re everywhere. If something happens in a town or city in New Zealand there are bound to be dozens of potential citizen journalists there to cover the story who are already regular readers of The BFD.

The beauty of citizen journalists is that they can offer perspectives not covered by the legacy media.

You don’t need to be a trained journalist to be able to share information and stories, with a wide audience. You just need to have access to ours.

The BFD is already New Zealand’s largest New Media website as well as a community platform through MyBFD.

If you have a strong desire to be involved in helping grow an already very popular New Media site, contact us now. There is no obligation, just an opportunity to put your work in front of our large audience.

Send your news articles to [email protected]


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