Harry Hunt

If you’re like the rest of us, you are sick and tired of reading the same load of self-congratulatory drivel every day that you open social media.

If you are a professionally-minded writer this could be your opportunity to get your voice heard.

With audience numbers soaring under lockdown there has never been a better time to become a volunteer writer for The BFD.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a university student or a veteran, if you are as annoyed as the rest of us, send in an article. What’s the worst that could happen?

My personal experience has been a delight. Not only do you get to write on a topic of your choice you can share your opinion, educate or start a debate with the BFD’s audience.

The best thing about The BFD is it is created by writers, for writers. Any article you submit has a chance of being published.

I wrote to Juana explaining my distrust in the current media and shared my praise of the BFD. She responded by inviting me to write an article and send it in for consideration. I wrote my first article in August and have been contributing every week since.

The BFD is clearly very interested in politics but it publishes articles on a broad range of themes and is very open to new ideas and topics.

We are expanding our network and have contributors from a number of countries so why not add yours to the list?

If you are a competent and articulate writer why not write an article on something you are passionate about and send it in to sb at thebfd.co.nz?

The BFD platform is growing fast. You have the chance to have your pieces published and to interact with the audience in the comment section.

It is not a commitment; it is an opportunity to capitalise on our ongoing success.

  • We prefer articles of 400-600 words in length. If you feel that the subject requires a longer post please keep it under 1000 words, (ideally under 800)

We invite experienced writers and amateur but competent writers to submit articles to us as guest writers. If you decide that you are enjoying regularly contributing and we are happy with the quality of your content we will then create an author biography for you.

After you have been contributing every week for 12 months your author biography will be added to our Author drop-down list which will mean that you have become an official BFD writer.

We are excited to know what you are thinking. Send us in your first article today and you never know, you could be a published writer tomorrow!

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