We’re being primed for further restrictions. The “experts” are blabbing more and the levels of confusion with the cursed traffic light system are high. Testing is rising (now there’s a surprise); yet around the world, Omicron is proving to be nothing more than a minor cold for most people.

When will the nonsense end?

Many writers have already delivered the scientific detail here on The BFD (and in many other reputable publications) about Covid, the efficacy of the vaccines and how the spread works, so let me not waste time rehashing what we know. The Pfizer vaccines (and probably most of the others too) are a complete and utter dog’s breakfast, and Covid in whatever variant continues to spread through the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and has become a mild irritation for most.

Let us also not overlook the fact that Covid falls far short of what was promised in the worldwide launch and ongoing campaigns. Indeed, if Covid were a product you’d purchased and paid money for, you’d have solid grounds to send it back and demand a full refund because it doesn’t come close to meeting its widely marketed and promised outcomes (remember Shaun Hendy’s sales pitch, widely disseminated by the Prime Minister no less, that up to 80,000 New Zealanders could die?).

Basically, Covid has turned out to be a real fizzer and never rose to the dizzying heights of its press releases. It only very sporadically does some of what was promised, perhaps one to two per cent of the time. It was evident very early in the piece from widely published scientific reports, that it was and is nothing like it was cracked up to be. A classic example of deceitful and misleading advertising.

Imagine if you purchased anything that only did what you’ve been promised it will do for one to two per cent of the time. You’d send it back quick smart and our charming friends at the media with their “consumer” type programmes would be running hit jobs all over the promoters of such nonperforming shabbiness.

So appalling is the disconnect between what is promised and what you get with Covid, that all parties involved in the marketing and promotion of it would, in any normal world, be sued.

Surely this is the most deceitful and preposterous misinformation campaign in the history of the planet. The perpetrators should receive no leniency. They have continued to knowingly spread the lies and repeat the already discredited untruths; especially the “experts” who have absolutely no excuse for using their privileged positions to publicly endorse lies. Even the most basic research shows serious flaws in the political narrative, and it is an “expert’s” role to know. If they haven’t done the research, shame on them. If they’ve done the research and choose to follow the narrative for whatever reasons they may have, even more shame on them. They should all be tried and spend a significant time in jail.

The list must include many medical “experts”, scientists, university lecturers, politicians and of course overwhelmingly, the members of the “fourth estate” who have sat on their hands instead of doing their jobs.

The “orchestrated litany of lies” we’ve been forced to listen to and live by for the past two years appears to know no bounds and the eventual damage to our society will similarly know no bounds, at least for the middle and lower classes. The rich elites and the ruling elites will continue largely unaffected, just as they have notoriously done throughout history.

Historically, one doesn’t need to dig very deeply into dictatorships and tyranny before finding that the obvious happens when the pain threshold for the average person reaches unbearable levels.

When the average people finally reach the end of the line and react, it’s called revolution.

Looking at the continued nonsensical responses from all of the above to the latest variant of Covid, it’s easy to see that many haven’t read the room very well and that restrictions and lies are set to continue until we stop them.

The only questions hinge around how long the average folk will wait before taking steps. Clearly, strong public resistance is beginning to appear all over the world. As media (including big tech social media) clamp down and apply more and more of their authoritarian censorship to free speech, will the ‘sheeple’ just accept it or will they revolt? Will they wait until governments begin to shut down the internet and limit smart phones and other communication channels?

Here in New Zealand, we face a frighteningly precarious position. A government with unbridled and unlimited power, using it while the opposition, limited as it is, seems to be doing very little to oppose the theft of our rights and the introduction of undemocratic legislation.

Many of our fellow citizens used to call our previous Prime Minister “the smiling assassin”. I’m not exactly sure why; I’m unaware of him having done anything radically bad. In fact, I view him as having achieved very little overall. But I wonder if we’ve moved past the “fairy dust princess” yet, for the leader who will leave this country in the worst mess of its entire history?


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