Richard Hume

Pointless Propaganda of the Day. Photo credit: The BFD.

Don’t you love it when they advertise getting vaccinated in a place that you can only access if you have already been vaccinated? This billboard is up in my gym, a place you can only go in to if you have a vaccine pass.

While I am making a joke of this, one of the things that I have found most oppressive throughout the Covid response is the extent to which so much of the behaviour, so much of the commentary and so many of the rules can only be described as nonsensical. 

If you point out that something like this doesn’t make sense, you get attacked for it. I find the ongoing arbitrariness of the rules and behaviour, which is in evidence all the time, to be like a constant low-level assault on my mind. You can’t get away from it because it is everywhere you go.

Do others feel this way?

Pointless Propaganda of the Day
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