The Prime Minister appears hell-bent on implementing her Marxist agenda. Like every other agenda of its type, it is glaringly obvious that it isn’t going to work. Fanciful ideas rarely do.

It is over two years to the next election, and if they last that long this government will be seen for the bunch of muppets they are. I have seen many comments, some tongue in cheek, saying the sheeples (as they like to call them) will continue to adore her. I don’t think so. I have a feeling this atmosphere of euphoria might be just starting to wane.

It might be gradual, and her girlfriends in the media might keep skewing the polls in her favour, but eventually the true situation will become irrefutable. Eventually, it will be her agenda that will bring her down.

No truly advanced democratic society will put up with the sorts of policies we are now being threatened with. Some of these have been cooked up in secret and implemented without revealing the bigger picture. Without a doubt, there are more under wraps of which we are unaware.

A government operating in this way is anathema to a civilised society. The longer this government is in office with a workable majority the more they will inflict their despicable tactics on us. Their problem is the more they do it, the more obvious it will become to the majority of the population.

The majority will come to the conclusion this is a road on which they do not wish to travel. Most of the legislation now being introduced smacks of control to the point where democracy is seen as repugnant. There are many blindingly obvious examples.

Most won’t happen because of the government’s inability to deliver, and those that do will be repealed by the next centre-right administration.

I am aware that many will say National never repeal any legislation Labour enacts, which is largely correct. However, there are some that National have already said they will repeal next time round, and no doubt there is more to come. We are talking here about the bottom line fundamental differences between the left and right of politics. This is also what the public will see.

These basic points of difference are on both the social and economic fronts. The history curriculum to be introduced is the first that springs to mind. A narrative that is reflective of left-wing thinking and particularly sympathetic to Maori. Then we have the free speech legislation that will turn out to be completely unworkable, with penalties that don’t fit the so-called crime. Then there is ‘white supremacy’, where primary school children are being coerced to stand in front of the class and talk about their white privilege.

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Luke

The media are being paid to wage war on the political right. An example occurred just last week when Paul Goldmith’s perfectly reasonable comments on colonisation were taken out of context. These hit jobs will become more blatant between now and the election. The entire news media, print and broadcast, are now bought-and-paid-for and virtually state-run.

Cycleways. Cartoon credit SonovaMin. The BFD.

Maori are being appeased to the detriment of the rest of our diverse population. They no longer need an inch to take a mile because the mile is what they are being given. Separate this and separate that. We used to stand against apartheid and now we are implementing it in the form of reverse racism.

On the economic front, the agenda is also all too obvious. Print money using Covid as the excuse. Some was needed but not the reckless amounts Grant Robertson is dealing in. A lot of it is being wasted on nice-to-haves. The Te Huia train, the tram up Dominion Road, the loopy Auckland bikie bridge; not one of these would stack up if a proper business case were done.

There is no accountability, there are no stats on anything, health and welfare are in a mess, there is no need to work, low school attendance, falling achievement in the basic areas of learning. In housing, the government punishes landlords but doesn’t hold itself to the same timeframe for making improvements to state houses. On and on it goes.

Between now and the election, expect much more of the same. It will reach the point where eventually the worm will turn. That point can’t come soon enough.

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