Leveraging is using something to maximise advantage, or as is happening now, to force you to do something by any means possible.

The Omicron outbreak is being used as leverage around the world to champion the booster and to encourage jabbing your robust children.

Think of it as a political crowbar wrenching us from our sanity and into their folly.

Even when Omicron is shown to be no more than a dribbly nose in a stiff breeze, the incessant fearmongering is only slightly diminished.

The NZ Covid-19 adverts cheerfully tell us we are “allowed” our booster two months early, to further combat strains “like” Omicron.

Five months ago Bloomfield claimed that a longer duration between jabs could reduce the likelihood of side effects like myocarditis and pericarditis.

Bloomfield quoted studies which demonstrated an extended duration between jabs contributed to at least an “equally robust immune response” and could reduce the likelihood of rare side effects, myocarditis (heart wall inflammation) and pericarditis (swelling of membrane around the heart).

NZ Herald

My concern is if the perceived threat is not extreme enough for the PR bandits in Wellington they will ratchet it up for greater effect.

The utilisation of paid-for “experts” outside of government is now a default setting and they’ve already been let loose on the imminent arrival of Omicron.

They use these “experts” because, while you won’t believe a cook telling you his biscuits are the best in the world, you will believe a seemingly independent, self-proclaimed food critic.

In calling for the government to rapidly reinstate the alert level system to combat Omicron Michael Baker inadvertently highlighted one government lever we’ve all succumbed to.

“The traffic light system,” he told The Guardian, “won’t help us very much because it was never designed to dampen down transmission; it was only designed to nudge people towards vaccination.”

That is exactly the sort of PR rubbish that we all have to be wary of in 2022, especially when our PM is so trained and adept at it.

Ardern will work out new and outlandish ways, real or imagined, to wind up the thumbscrews and lock us down, force us to become vaccinated and to have a third and fourth booster or jab our kids.

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker

Schools will close; they will highlight children contracting the virus despite being asymptomatic or, infuriatingly, they will use one of the few seriously immune-compromised to beat that drum.

Hospitals will of course be stretched; the unvaxed will put you all at risk and they’ll even change the definition of fully-vaxed to suit their agenda.

To recognise how they might make us comply, let’s look at a few examples of how they deployed the dark arts of leveraging for political and social gain previously.

The gastroenteritis outbreak in Havelock North in 2016 was said to have shaken public confidence in all councils’ ability to deliver quality water everywhere.

When Havelock North’s example became overused the government then spent millions of your money to further propagate the need for change.

The scaremongering ad campaign showed people and animals drinking and swimming in green-coloured slime.

Three Water Ad. The BFD

This was despite an international database placing our drinking water second equal in the world for quality.

In this example, leveraging crossed the line and morphed from blatant exaggeration to outright lying.

Ardern’s Christchurch Call to Action came about to eliminate terrorist and violent extreme content online after the mosque shootings.

The attack was the deplorable act of a lone wolf. Gun licensing laws and regulations to prevent people like the terrorist from gaining access to weapons and ammunition were already in place but were not followed in this case by the police. There were already laws for curbing extreme content online.

Despite this, Ardern put on a headscarf and leveraged this mass murder to remove guns from law-abiding citizens and to increase censorship by big tech companies and their powerful government overlords.

The anti-bullying campaign and the call for Christchurch will combine to reduce our ability to speak freely without consequence.

With much fanfare, New Zealand also declared a global climate emergency in 2021.

Emergency? Were thousands of people about to die?

Almost every time there is an extreme weather event, you can find a quote from a scientist reminding you that sort of event will become more common.

This is despite, for example, the Buller River recording heavy flooding again and again in its history.

Climate fear has heralded changes including an economic crippling zero-emissions policy, an attack on the lucrative oil and gas industry, and the much-maligned ute tax (even if using one for “legitimate” reasons).

In similar fashion, the reprobates, of course, threw everything including the kitchen sink at us to get us vaccinated (apart from a safe and effective vaccine that is).

No jab no job, no jab no travel, no attending grandma’s funeral or buying a drink at your local, no jab no entry, no concert, no sport or school camp, no jab or you’ll infect the kids.

You’re locked-in, locked-out, locked-up for longer and can’t gather, protest, worship or cross the border, and to add insult to injury you are ostracised from the “team of 5 million”.

Complementary to leveraging is playing down or completely ignoring anything that might reduce the power of the leverage to nothing more than the bollocks it first was.

Ardern and Bloomfield stood at the ‘podium of truth’ and exaggerated the effects of Covid.

They refused to say how many people who contracted the virus had mild or no symptoms (estimated to be 95 per cent of those infected).

They followed the World Health Organisation’s edicts and did not differentiate between those who died with rather than of Covid. Nor did they differentiate between those hospitalised with Covid and those visiting the ED with a broken toe, who were tested and found to be positive but asymptomatic.

We won’t be hearing about Chile and Israel giving a fourth booster because of new outbreaks in their fully vaccinated populace anytime soon either.

The thing about leveraging and stretching the truth so it is unrecognisable is that the laws of cause and effect will ensure it backfires on them… and unfortunately us as well.

Taking our local water assets is now seen as a direct attack on local democracy and a means of racial segregation. House prices skyrocketed because the fear of missing out was heightened incessantly by the spin doctors.

Guns went underground and are now being aimed at us and our police force.

By bailing out the mainstream media the government created so much distrust in the product and their journalists’ abilities and integrity that people turned to the very thing they wanted to warn us off – independent news media like The BFD.

By targeting our children with lopsided campaigns, nonsensical blatherings and leveraged lies they will, I hope, awaken the protective beast that lies dormant within all sane parents.

Be very wary of the spin to come.

The Dark Arts of Leveraging
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