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A friend sent me this warning:

Billy TK has very bad credibility in the community. He specialises in conspiracy theories. A lot of them are unsound. He is paranoid

Billy Te Kahika

I have recently gotten to know Billy better. He is a talented musician, a spiritual leader, highly intelligent, and a kind and passionate man. He is not a coward. He is risking everything to protect his people, especially children. We need more men like him. Which raises the question: “Where are all the men: why are they not standing up and protecting their families, especially their children?”

He does not go down rabbit holes despite how the media has portrayed him. During the interview, he talks about needing to avoid going down rabbit holes. Not now anyway; he may have in the past. However, I’d add that many of the conspiracies I thought were outrageous two years ago are not so ridiculous today. Some of his supporters may have strange ideas, but that is not his fault. Out of necessity, we end up with strange bedfellows these days. Who doesn’t have had the occasional slip of the tongue or misunderstood things? The main thing is that we learn from our mistakes, apologise if needed, then move on. For Billy, the media hounds and others have locked onto his slips or deliberately twisted his words, and they won’t let up: they are doing everything they can to destroy the man and what he stands for.

When you listen to my interview, you will realise he follows science. The primary data he is working with during the interview is Medsafe’s own. He understands the information better than I do! You will gather that from the discussion.

I know him better now, he is an honourable man who is prepared to put everything on the line to protect others. But, like you, I had been sucked in by the media narrative and thought he was a nutter. So, yes, I was hesitant to associate with him, but I have no regrets after taking the plunge.

We need to give this brave man credit for standing strong and tall where most of our men are cowering, hiding in the bushes instead of protecting their women and children.

Standing up to Protect Children
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