Remember when they told you that the virus was hunting down the unvaccinated and that Covid would become a disease of the unvaccinated. Well, that was a sucker’s trap and you all fell for it.

Politicians around the world have said it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated:

They even rolled out Bill Gates to push the vaccines. Our own media and politicians have pushed the line that vaccines stop transmission and that vaccine passports will halt the spread and break the chain of transmission:

Then there are the ‘experts’:

The evidence is now overwhelming that the opposite is in fact true. In fact, the evidence was overwhelming that it was all lies.

The evidence says that this is now a disease of the vaccinated. One of the most highly vaccinated nations in the world, Israel, is now rolling out fourth doses of a vaccine that has demonstrably failed.

The very definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The statistics are no better out of the United Kingdom. Overall, you are about 2¼ times more likely to get Covid if you are vaccinated.

The evidence from the United States of America is no different:

Do you feel duped yet? Are you angry yet? No? Here, have some more painful truths:

They have lied to you, sold you a pup, coerced you into taking a medication that is proving to be less useful than if you took a placebo. You were told over and over again by Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins

And Ashley Bloomfield – the paid shills of the corrupted media and supposed experts – that the vaccines would end this.

In actual fact, the vaccines seem to have made things a whole lot worse. Now, a Danish study shows that the rapid spread of Omicron can primarily be ascribed to immune evasiveness rather than an increase in transmissibility.

In other words, the vaccine is a crock, and you’ve all been tooling around going to cafés and complying with evil and divisive mandates and medical apartheid, thinking you are safe and immune. You aren’t immune; in fact, you are more susceptible and it’s all been for nothing.

Omicron is coming whether we like it or not. You are again being told that vaccination is the best protection and that getting a booster is even better.

But if you look at the facts, and stop listening to the liars in charge, you will realise that the opposite is true.

Oh, how we laughed when they said that the virus was hunting down the unvaxxed.

Now we are rolling on the floor laughing at all those who rolled up their sleeves for a lie.

Vaccines haven’t been the way out of this, they were a cul-de-sac that our idiot government drove us down. Worse still, they could have avoided it because they were so slow with the rollout that we could see what the rest of the world was experiencing months ahead of us. But they still did the exact same things.

Now we will be facing the prospect of more restrictions or even lockdowns, making the pain of all the others absolutely pointless. The Swedish solution, in hindsight, appears to have been the best.

The economy is on its knees right now; there are zombie businesses out there barely functioning. Another lockdown or period of Red restrictions will finish them off for good.

They said vaccines would end transmission, that vaccinated people wouldn’t get and wouldn’t pass on Covid. They said that this was a disease of the unvaccinated. They were lying to you then and they are lying to you now.

Over the weekend a friend asked me when this ends. I said, “When you stop complying.”

They keep on doing this because you comply. Stop it. Now.

When will you learn that the media, the experts and the politicians have all been lying to you?

This ends when enough of us say it does.

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They Told You the Virus Was Hunting Down the Unvaxxed
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

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