The continuing downward slide in the polls should have alarm bells ringing in the hallowed halls of Fraser House and in the offices of Labour MPs in the Beehive but this, in all probability, will not be happening. There are a number of reasons:

Firstly, they are so obsessed with their direction of travel that they will not want to change course.

Secondly, even if they wanted to, they lack the political nous to do so.

Thirdly, Ardern is wedded to the UN left-wing doctrine.

By their very actions, they are risking a defeat of some magnitude in 2023.

Take a look at what they set out to achieve since they were first elected in 2017. It is a list too long to print here but one we are all familiar with. Everything on their list has had a negative outcome. For its failures this government is due for a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. The ideology their legislation is promoting simply does not reflect the fact that this country is a democracy.

Labour’s problems start at the top. Both Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson have no idea of the real world beyond breathing its air. Neither has had a proper job with the exception of, in Jacinda’s case, wrapping fish ‘n’ chips. These two political junkies are leading a government where the rest, ministers and backbench MPs alike, are sixty-nine people also devoid of any real-life work experience.

All they know is their ideology: a mix of socialism and Marxism which, if allowed to continue for long enough, would see New Zealand become a third world country. We, the people, would be scavenging in rubbish bins looking for food.

Once you have the population at that level they are much easier to control. But the problem the likes of Ardern and Robertson fail to recognise is that their ideology is self-defeating. It collides with itself. As Margaret Thatcher once famously said: “Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money”.

Right there is the problem, but Ardern and Robertson don’t wish to see it. For them to admit that running a country is like running a business would be complete anathema: heresy, in fact. If the Labour lot were put in charge of a business they would enter the Guinness Book of Records for going belly-up inside a week. They talk about paying down debt while at the same time being unable to acknowledge that, as in business, the books have to be balanced.

Covid is a good example. They have used it as an excuse to crank up the printing presses but not in any way resembling a responsible manner. They have just created their own pot of Monopoly play money to fritter away on silly pet projects. Fifty million on a fantasy bike bridge which, according to Grant Robertson, is such a tiny proportion of his Monopoly bank that it doesn’t matter. That comment alone, breathtaking as it is, should give some insight into his broader thinking.

Fifty million is fifty million to anyone with a head for financial responsibility. But no, let’s waste another thirty-something million on a not needed tram serving the Labour heartland on Dominion Road. It’s supposedly also serving the airport, which any other government would have served by train from Puhinui, a much more realistic option. Again an example of how these people are all about their ideology and completely devoid of reality. The only thing that’s gone upwards under this government is something that should not have: the number of government employees.

Last week I read of the billions pumped into KiwiRail where, in the 2021 financial year, staff earning over $100,000 jumped by 450 to 1,749. That is out of a total number of 4,200. A similar jump in the next financial year will see half the staff on $100,000 or more. No doubt this is of no concern to Grant Robertson shelling out his Monopoly play money – OUR MONEY!! Running the country is no different from running a business which is no different from running the household budget. At the end of the day, the books have to balance.

The bigger problem here is that, following their ideology, Ardern and Robertson aren’t interested in balancing the books. They might say they are but that’s as fake as Jacinda’s kindness.

Their ideology puts them fairly and squarely on the UN driven globalisation bandwagon where it doesn’t matter if a country’s economy crashes. That’s part of the end game of their bigger agenda.

One worldwide currency and one worldwide government. Which brings us to the game currently being played out by this Government.

Keep Covid going by keeping up the fear factor through a compliant boot licking media you have paid for. This is the continuing excuse for keeping the printing presses rolling. As Robertson pointed out in so many words over the $50 million, it’s only money. He should think twice before making such a stupidly crass statement which illustrates his total unsuitability for the office he holds. The man is a financial ignoramus. It wouldn’t surprise me if his husband is in charge of their household budgeting.

So while, as my headline states, Labour needs to change tack, in reality there is little chance of them doing so. There is a bigger game being played out here in which we are simply the pawns. Ardern is doing what she is doing with her telescope pointed firmly in the direction of the UN. She is firmly attached to their globalisation strategy and doesn’t care what damage she inflicts on the country or its people in fulfilling her treacherous ambitions.

The rights of the indigenous peoples, also a UN driven concept, are all part of it. If you get a chance to read He Puapua I recommend it. You only need to read Appendix One. It tells you all you need to know. It also illustrates how a little skin pigmentation can get you the best of both worlds, i.e. a foot in both camps. Unfortunately, those of us who show more of a paleface are denied the same freedoms. This, of course, fits neatly into the overall plan to not only destroy the economy but, at the same time, divide the people. Causing absolute chaos makes implementing a dictatorship that much easier.

If Ardern chose to deal in reality, divorced from her ideology, she might recognise a problem of her own making. It is this: without a change of tack, she will see a continuing slide in the polls. Not wishing to lose an election she might find herself at the UN sooner than she would like, having fled the country. A country most likely left in a financially parlous state. Labour are starting on the slippery slope where they will end up hurtling towards the old adage: Oppositions don’t win elections, Governments lose them.

Labour Needs to Change Tack


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