Not content with suing her employer for not protecting her from push back, Siouxsie Wiles is now a huge hippo (hippo=hypocrite) crying crocodile tears to left-wing rag The Guardian:

The abuse, harassment, and threats started almost immediately after I began doing media interviews. It’s been happening on a near-daily basis for almost two years now. It happens via my personal and work emails and phones as well as on social media. I’ve had my home address posted multiple times on far-right websites and social media channels, along with calls for people to pay me a visit. I was harassed by conspiracy theorists while eating breakfast in a hotel. They live-streamed the encounter, and afterwards described how sitting next to me had been like sitting next to a paedophile. I’ve even been the subject of a smear campaign by right-wing bloggers and politicians.

The Guardian

Sounds exactly like what I put up with every day. You don’t see me crying about it. If you enter the political arena (and she most definitely has entered the political arena; on speed dial with the Prime Minister, pushing her socialist views on everyone, bullying and harassing people she has different views from and blocking others), you can expect to experience push back.

Siouxsie Wiles wants her free speech protected while attacking others’ free speech. She has needlessly bullied Simon Thornley. Ironically she attacks the man’s credentials when her own are somewhat lacking when it comes to epidemiology:

Then she attacked seven other academics for rightfully suggesting that Maori myths aren’t science.

Yet she runs off to court and the press to cry a river of tears about how hard done by she is.

The Guardian article is an attempt to frame her arguments with her employer in a manner that she wishes them framed; it is not based on reality.

She claims to have been subjected to a smear campaign. Without even a shred of humility, she labels a factual story and video evidence of her rank hypocrisy as a smear job. It wasn’t: it was truthful. She was busted breaking level four restrictions, just days after lecturing everyone on Twitter to stay local, stay masked and don’t socialise. We know that before the story had hit the media, she’d run off and arranged cover from her besties Ashleigh Bloomfield and Jacinda Ardern. Bloomfield even repeated a made-up story about what had occurred without even viewing the video and then refused to even acknowledge OIA requests or respond to media enquiries about whether or not he had viewed the video.


It was a political snow job to cover up her hypocrisy, that destroyed the Government’s narrative about masks, isolating, staying at home and not socialising. Instead of apologising, they are now using the issue to try and win back public favour by characterising a news story as a smear job.

Current refrains from politicians that we must trust the science, ignore that science has always been about challenging the science and refining it. They don’t want to be challenged, they believe that they and only they are right, and anyone who thinks, or worse, says anything different, must be attacked, demonised, vilified and cancelled. That’s not how science works. Science works by challenging and questioning evidence until it is proven.

Siouxsie Wiles is just miffed that the media has pretty much ignored her after she got busted breaking level four lockdown rules and, like any bully who is ever confronted, she seeks to blame her demise on others and not her own actions.

The fact is that Siouxsie Wiles is a shabby hypocrite and a shameless bully who, like all bullies, cries a river of tears when someone stands up to them. And that is why we are now seeing the amazing sight of a hippo crying crocodile tears.

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Amazing: Huge Hippo Seen Crying Crocodile Tears
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

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